If you live in Georgia and are looking to earn a college degree in a smaller environment with one-on-one support from faculty, Saint Leo University's Savannah Education Center just might be the best fit for your educational goals.

We recently caught up with Savannah Education Center director Stephanie Stinski to discuss everything about one of the newest Education Center facilities for Saint Leo University.

Q: Where is Saint Leo's Savannah Education Center located?

A: Our center is located at:

325 W. Montgomery Cross Road
Savannah, GA 31406

We are housed in the previous location of the VA clinic and occupy half of the building.

There is a new Culver's restaurant that opened nearby. The street we're on has some apartments, churches, and the Savannah Square Retirement Community.

Q: Describe the size and setup of this center.

A: We are lucky enough to have 14,000 square feet of space here. Our center offers:

  • 13 classrooms, some of which have collapsible walls that can create a larger room when taken down
  • An enhanced computer lab with 25 computers
  • A learning resource center staffed with a full-time English tutor
  • A military resource center
  • A conference room
  • A study room with tables, a bookshelf of textbooks, and a whiteboard
  • A cyberbar in the lobby with four desktop computers
  • A student lounge with healthy vending options like salads and sandwiches, along with a coffee station and popcorn during certain times throughout the year, in addition to a refrigerator and microwave.

Q: Parking can sometimes be a challenge in certain areas. What is the parking situation like at this center?

A: We have a large parking lot for all of our students and staff to park in. No decal is needed to park.

Q: How long has Saint Leo University had a presence in the Savannah, GA area?

A: We first opened a location here in 1975. We actually used to have centers on the two Army bases in the area, Hunter Army Air Field and Fort Stewart. We moved into our current location in July of 2018.

Q: Which academic programs are available for students to take at the Savannah Education Center?

A: We offer the following academic programs:

Associate of Arts (AA)

  • Business Administration
  • Criminal Justice
  • Liberal Arts

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration (Logistics)
  • Business Administration (Management)
  • Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Justice (Criminalistics)
  • Criminal Justice (Homeland Security)
  • Human Resource Management
  • Human Services
  • Psychology (Clinical/Counseling)
  • Psychology (Developmental)
  • Psychology (General)
  • Religion

Bachelor of Science (BS)

  • Computer Information Systems
  • Health Care Administration

Master of Science (MS)

  • Human Services Administration
  • Criminal Justice

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

  • Business Administration

Q: When are classes held at this location?

A: We have classes Monday through Saturday. We offer classes in the morning, afternoon, and evening. We try to give students the most flexibility in their schedules.

Our evening classes run during the 6 to 11 p.m. timeframe, and our Saturday classes run between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Q: What are the students like at your location?

A: We have a nice variety of students. This includes some stay-at-home moms, some working 9-to-5 professionals, and those working second and third shifts at some of the logistics organizations in the area.

The average age of our students is about 36. We do get a few right out of high school and a few who are well into their 60s as well.

Q: What are the faculty like?

A: We currently have three full-time faculty members and 45 adjunct instructors. Our full-time professors teach in our human services administration, business, and healthcare administration programs. Our adjuncts teach across all of our programs and work in their respective fields.

Q: Who are your staff members?

A: Our assistant center director is Yalonka Mitchell. We currently have two staff assistants, Joi Williams and Hillary Landuyt. Our assistant director of admissions is Brian Bailey. Our technical support specialist is Tanisha Barney. We have two academic advisors, Mitria Mobley and Khadijah March. We also have a full-time English tutor, Nae'kisha Jones.

Q: What kinds of events does the Savannah Education Center host?

A: We host monthly community events where we invite students and community members into the center for fun, family-friendly activities. The next one coming up is our Halloween Spooktacular. The main goal of these events is for students to get to socialize with each other outside of the classroom and for community members to learn more about what our center offers.

We do surveys with our students on a regular basis to find out what types of events and activities they want. We're working on several things like a speaker series and classes on public speaking, credit management, and other practical topics.

In terms of community service, we do a food drive for a local food bank around Thanksgiving. We've also sent holiday cards to the military and collect items to donate to the Salvation Army at the holidays.

Q: In general terms, why should prospective students seriously consider attending the Savannah Education Center for their higher education?

A: We offer a face-to-face, hands-on experience that most students just won't find at other universities. Our academic advisors do more than just putting students in certain class. They want to help them every step of the way so they're successful.

Q: How can a prospective student find out more information about Saint Leo University's Savannah Education Center?

A: You can call our center at 912-352-8331 or e-mail us at savannah@saintleo.edu.

Also, check out the Savannah Education Center webpage and Facebook page.