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Greg Lindberg


What Documents Do I Need to Complete My FAFSA Application?

Have you been asking yourself, "What documents do I need to complete my FAFSA application?" Saint Leo University offers up a checklist of documents that contain the information you'll need to fill out this important form to become eligible for financial aid to help you pay for college.

4 Jan 2019 - By Greg Lindberg

Saint Leo Alum Serves Tanzania in Peace Corps

Read a fascinating Q&A with Saint Leo University alumna Kenna Dieffenwierth, a biology major who is now in the Peace Corps in Tanzania teaching science in a secondary school and lending a helping hand to this unique nation.

7 Dec 2018 - By Greg Lindberg

Caution: Beware of the Monsters in Literature!

Get an inside look at Saint Leo University's Monsters in Literature course, which is currently being offered at University Campus. Students are studying Frankenstein, Dracula and a variety of other monster characters popular throughout literature.

2 Nov 2018 - By Greg Lindberg

Travels with Cillo: Saint Leo Students Go to Jail

Several Saint Leo criminal justice students had the opportunity to visit the Falkenberg Road Jail in Tampa, which is part of the Hillsborough County, Fla. Sheriff's Office. They weighed in on this unique, behind-the-scenes experience and what they learned.

22 Oct 2018 - By Greg Lindberg

At 24, This Unique Long Islander Is Changing the World

Long Island native Erica Zigon is an alumna of Saint Leo University. Thanks to her higher education, she has enjoyed some incredibly unique opportunities and now runs We've Got You Covered, a nonprofit that helps the homeless community and get people more engaged in society.

17 Oct 2018 - By Greg Lindberg

Top Career Tracks for Human Services Majors

Are you considering earning a bachelor's degree in human services? Consider the top career tracks for human services major to learn how you can put such a college degree to use in a rewarding line of work.

10 Sep 2018 - By Greg Lindberg