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Are you majoring in criminal justice? If so, you've got plenty of options on what you can dress up as – and, in turn, the types of roles you may be able to land in your career after completing your degree.

1. Police Officer

A police officer is tasked with ensuring criminals are apprehended, along with detecting and preventing criminal behavior. They may also help maintain order and assist and protect the public. Many officers also perform various types of investigative work.

When on duty, police officers typically wear a uniform that represents the department in which they work.

2. Secret Service Agent

Agents who work for the U.S. Secret Service must provide protection and security for the president and vice president, along with their family members. They may provide similar support to presidential candidates, former presidents, and leaders from other nations who visit the U.S.

3. Crime Scene Investigator

A crime scene investigator, sometimes referred to as a forensic science technician, collects evidence at crime scenes and examines it at a crime lab to make determinations about what has occurred at the scene. They may collect fingerprints or strands of hair at a crime scene for analysis.

4. Prison Warden

A prison warden serves as the administrator of a prison. This individual is responsible for overseeing the staff members within a correctional facility, along with the activities that are held and ensuring the safety and security of the facility and its inmates. They may also establish certain policies and handle financial aspects of the prison.

5. Private Investigator

Private investigators are essentially detectives who perform investigations into various matters. They often work for companies that specialize in offering their services, and they may perform work for attorneys to uncover certain information in both criminal and civil court cases. They can also be hired by individuals or groups attempting to learn more about the actions and behaviors of others.

6. Fish and Game Warden

A fish and game warden, also classified as a conservation officer, is a professional responsible for enforcing fish and wildlife laws within specific states. These laws typically relate to fishing, boating, and hunting activities. In addition to working at the state level, wardens may also help enforce federal laws within the fish and game realm.



7. Security Guard

A security guard is tasked with overseeing environments, helping to prevent crimes from occurring, and reporting any potential or presently occurring issues that would require proper authorities to intervene. Most security guards are employed by private companies. The three main areas they generally cover are the protection of people, property, and assets.


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