Erin Kinberger bleeds Saint Leo green and gold. Not only did Kinberger play softball for the Saint Leo Lions and graduate from the university, but she has also served as the longtime head coach of the Lions' college softball team after getting the opportunity to return to her alma mater.

In this episode of the Saint Leo 360 podcast, we catch up with Kinberger, a Saint Leo Athletics Hall of Fame inductee. She spoke about:

  • Her early years and getting into playing sports as a youth
  • Attending Saint Leo University and her bachelor's in elementary education program
  • Her college softball playing career
  • When and how she got into coaching softball
  • Her early college softball coaching career and coming back to coach at her alma mater
  • Memorable seasons coaching at Saint Leo
  • The characteristics she looks for when recruiting student-athletes to play softball
  • The benefits of attending Saint Leo University and playing sports in the highly competitive Sunshine State Conference (SSC) at the Division II level
  • How student-athletes can effectively balance athletics and academics
  • Professional opportunities for talented college softball players

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