Esports has become a booming industry in recent years. Many colleges and universities have begun to offer Esports clubs and teams as a way to engage students who have a passion for gaming and reaping the many benefits of being part of a community with their fellow students outside of an academic setting.

In this episode of the Saint Leo 360 podcast, our focus of discussion is the Saint Leo Esports team based at University Campus. Our three guests are Bovey Zhang, the manager and coach of the Saint Leo Esports team, along with students and Esports team members Caleb Hunt and Madelyn Eden. They spoke about:

  • Zhang’s personal and professional background
  • A simple definition of Esports and examples of some games
  • How Zhang got into eSports and his experience
  • Why Esports has become such a large industry, specifically in higher education
  • Zhang’s journey to Saint Leo University and his role with the team
  • Who is eligible to join the Saint Leo Esports team and the commitments involved
  • The Esports arena on campus and other ways students can practice and participate
  • How participating in eSports can benefit students socially, academically, and professionally
  • Where the students, Hunt and Eden, grew up, attended high school, and why they chose Saint Leo for higher education
  • Their degree programs and career goals
  • How they got into gaming and their roles with the Saint Leo Esports team
  • What they have taken away from the experience and why they would recommend other students get involved in Esports

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Learn more about the Saint Leo Esports team and how to get involved in this unique group at Saint Leo University on the Esports team page.

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