Professionals who have earned a BA in math can be found almost everywhere. From Wall Street to Capitol Hill to Silicon Valley, mathematicians are more and more desired today across an incredibly wide range of industries. This is because their skills in quantitative reasoning, problem solving, and data analysis are critical to the long-term success of many companies today.

In this episode of the Saint Leo 360 podcast, we highlight the BA in math degree program offered at Saint Leo University. Our guest is Dr. Monika Kiss, a longtime professor in the program and current interim chair. Kiss discussed:

  • Her educational, professional, and personal backgrounds
  • How she got into teaching and her journey to Saint Leo University
  • Why math can have a negative stereotype to some students and what they can do to get more comfortable with math
  • A history of Saint Leo’s BA in math degree program
  • The types of students this math degree program is intended for
  • Relevant concentrations and minors that can be paired with a math major
  • An Overview of the courses and topics covered in the curriculum
  • An overview of the diverse faculty who teach in this BA in math program
  • Clubs, chapters, and internships in which Saint Leo math majors can get involved to gain real-world experience and find professional networking opportunities
  • The numerous career opportunities with a bachelor’s in math degree
  • Examples of graduate degree programs within and outside of Saint Leo University that graduates of this BA in math program may pursue
  • Examples of alumni success stories from this program
  • What sets this program--and Saint Leo University in general--apart from other math degree programs out there

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Learn More about the BA in Math Degree Program

Learn more about the BA in math program at Saint Leo University on the math degree program page.