Are you using the best psychology app? As a psychology major, you're probably pretty skilled at analyzing things and making determinations. What you may not have figured out yet is how many handy psychology apps out there for undergrad and grad students like yourself.

We've identified the top nine apps for psychology majors. Here are some of the best options on the iTunes App Store and/or Google Play Store when searching for a psychology app. 

Best Psychology App List 

  • PsycTest Hero
  • 3D Brain
  • APA Journals
  • PsycExplorer
  • Intro to Psychology Mastery
  • Psych Guide
  • EPPP Flash Cards
  • iCouch CBT
  • Insight Timer

Explore the best psychology apps for psychology students below and find out which platform you can download each psychology app on today.

1. PsycTest Hero

Need help preparing for psychology tests? Your hero is here in PsycTest Hero.

Whether you're studying for a GRE psychology exam to get into your graduate school of choice, or you have a final exam in one of your psych courses in a few days, you can learn so much through this app.

: Apple iOS, Google Android

2. 3D Brain

This free psychology app examines all 29 of the areas within the human brain, and how each area functions. It also includes useful information on brain disorders and current research studies related to the world of mental health.

This is a fantastic app for psychology majors who are interested in working in psychiatry – and for anyone wanting to learn more about the unique complexities of the brain.

: Apple iOS, Android

3. APA Journals

As the official app produced by the American Psychological Association, APA Journals is a research-heavy portal that can be a top-tier resource for psychology majors. It allows users to access a variety of relevant psychology journals, which can be a big help to students doing research in their coursework.

Users can search through thousands of journal articles and read summaries of these research papers or get the full text versions.

: Apple iOS, Android

4. PsycExplorer

As its name suggests, this psychology app lets users explore the ins-and-outs of psychology. It offers a bridge to the latest news, research, and other current trends within the field through daily updates.

Developed by a psychology professor, this app is perfect for psych majors because of the academic approach it takes in presenting content.

: Apple iOS

5. Intro to Psychology Mastery

Are you an undergrad majoring in psychology? This mobile app is right up your alley. It serves as a thorough introduction to all the basic and most important concepts of psychology.

With more than 2,500 practice questions and tons of flash cards with key terms, this app can give you a solid grasp of your field of study within a short amount of time. And it's designed for learners who aren't familiar with all those terms that can be hard to pronounce.

: Apple iOS, Google Android

6. Psych Guide

Psych Guide is a psychology app that is a nice free tool for psychology students and even those just getting their feet wet as professionals in the field.

Gain access to helpful articles and compelling audio from Sigmund Freud and other well-known professionals in this industry.

: Apple iOS, Google Android

7. EPPP Flash Cards

No, the name of this app is not a typo. It refers to the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology.

If you're taking the EPPP, you'll be faced with 225 questions covering a broad range of topics. This app contains a large number of flash cards with key terms that will help you memorize the most important concepts in no time.

Plus, the app has a variety of study modes for any specific areas you find most challenging.

: Apple iOS, Google Android

8. iCouch CBT

This app can be used for those seeking some psychological treatment or those studying the field. It focuses on the methods of CBT, better known as cognitive behavioral therapy. Many professionals use CBT as a way of helping patients deal with past memories and to help them change their behaviors to lead a more positive life.

Platform(s): Apple iOS

 9. Insight Timer

This free meditation app can benefit both users wishing to practice meditation and those studying the concepts of it.

Access thousands of guided meditation sessions. Listen to podcasts and other recordings about meditation and other mental health techniques that are effective for the mind. By diving into an app geared toward patients of psychologists, you can learn from the experts about potential therapies you may be studying or even using in the future to treat those in need of them.

Platform(s): Apple iOS, Android

Use Any Other Apps?

If you've used other apps related to psychology, tell us about them in the comments section below.