Saint Leo University is proud to offer a number of benefits and unique opportunities for students of all abilities and backgrounds to pursue higher education. This includes transfer students who already have some college experience under their belts but are looking for an institution at which they can complete their degree of choice to help them attain a rewarding career.

 Here are 8 reasons why you should seriously consider transferring to take courses at Saint Leo's University Campus in Saint Leo, Florida:

1. An easy transfer process

Whether you've completed one semester of college or already have a good number of credits from a regionally accredited college or university, Saint Leo makes the transfer process seamless and stress-free. You'll be on your way to starting classes and crossing off your goals toward a degree of your choice in no time.

This is because our admissions staff members are willing to help you throughout the whole process of transferring any previous credits you've earned right into a Saint Leo degree program. Learn more about the transfer process here.

2. Small class sizes

Saint Leo prides itself on offering small class sizes with a 14:1 student-to-instructor ratio. This means that students can actually converse directly with their professors both in and out of the classroom. It also makes the learning environment more comfortable, allowing for students to feel part of a class rather than simply being labeled with a number in an oversized lecture hall.

In many countries abroad, class participation is not valued as strongly as it is in the U.S. Smaller classes open the door to more of this engagement and interaction among students, and discussion sessions often lead to a better understanding of the material rather than listening to lectures every class period. This is why transferring to a university like Saint Leo is even a bigger benefit for international students.

3. One-on-one support

Students receive one-on-one support from all members of the Saint Leo community. This includes faculty members, advisors, and any member of the Saint Leo community.

To help make their degrees pay off, students can get letters of recommendation for internship and employment positions. Many faculty also have direct connections to specific companies and industries, giving students an "in" to help them find avenues for their careers.

4. Unique opportunities in and out of the classroom

When students come to Saint Leo, they gain access to a number of unique opportunities in both the traditional classroom environment and through off-campus internship and employment opportunities.

Innovative learning experiences include learning in a crime scene house, practicing teaching strategies with 21st-century avatars in several education programs, access to an anatomage table for a virtual look at anatomy, and the ability to use a cutting-edge cybersecurity lab.

Away from campus, students can engage in meaningful community service activities at local food banks and through other organizations whose mission is to help the underserved. Additionally, many faculty members can connect students to internship opportunities in which they can gain real-world, hands-on experience with a number of well-known companies to help make them better candidates for meaningful employment in their careers.

5. Access to lots of on-campus activities and organizations

Saint Leo is thrilled to offer over 70 clubs and organizations across a wide variety of interests. With something for everyone, you'll find lots of opportunities to connect with other students, make friends, and enjoy social time outside of the classroom.

Plus, the university has a top-notch intramural and recreation program with opportunities to play flag football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, bowling, and so many more enjoyable sports. Don't forget about the chance to watch all of the Saint Leo Lions athletic teams compete in exciting Division II action.

Even if you're an adult learner with children or have a military background, you'll find plenty of others like yourself with whom you can relate ,study, and find common ground on earning a degree after several years of being out of school.

6. Access to competitive financial aid options

Because paying for courses to earn a college degree can be a significant investment, you'll have the chance to take advantage of several financial aid options at Saint Leo.

Perhaps the school you would like to transfer from doesn't offer as much in financial savings, and you're having a tough time footing the bill for your education. When you come to Saint Leo, a financial counselor will work with you to maximize your savings to help you get a degree you're working so hard to earn without breaking the bank. The overwhelming majority of our campus students receive some form of financial aid, so don't think that you would not qualify for this assistance, either.

7. A welcoming community for both domestic and international transfer students

Whether you are transferring from a U.S.-based college or university, or you're coming from an institution abroad, you're always welcome and surrounded by friendly faces at Saint Leo.

The university has students who hail from over 60 different countries attending classes on campus, and over 13% of the undergraduate campus population represents international students. This means if you're an international student, there's a good chance someone from your native homeland or region is part of the campus community. It also opens the door for you to meet students from unique cultures and backgrounds, offering a diversified experience that will only make you a more well-rounded individual.

In addition, while Saint Leo has traditional Catholic roots, the school is proud to welcome students of all faiths and backgrounds with open arms.

8. Plenty of sunshine and mild weather

Located lakeside in central Florida, you'll never be lacking the warm feeling of bright sunshine when you transfer to Saint Leo's University Campus. Enjoy mild weather throughout the winter with no need for scarves and heavy jackets found in the closets of northern-based students.

You're also only a short drive from some of the world's finest beaches, parks, and other areas to enjoy the outdoors and comfortable climate of the Tampa Bay area.