For the better part of a decade, Saint Leo University has had a prominent presence in the city of Tampa, FL through its Tampa Education Center. This location, designed primarily to serve adult learners through flexible daytime and evening courses, is in addition to University Campus which makes its home just north of Tampa.

The university previously operated the Tampa Education Center in the Channelside district of downtown Tampa. In the fall of 2020, Saint Leo proudly unveiled a new location for this center in a very historic building just a few miles away from its former facility.

In this episode of the Saint Leo 360 podcast, we feature a discussion on this new and exciting location for Saint Leo's Tampa Education Center with Matt Lenihan, the assistant director of the center. Lenihan spoke about:

  • The Tampa Bay region and everything it has to offer
  • The history of Saint Leo University in the downtown Tampa area
  • The new location of the center, parking, and the surrounding area
  • The unique history of the current building going back over 100 years
  • An overview of the undergraduate and graduate degree programs offered at the center and flexible scheduling options for courses to meet the needs of all learners
  • The demographics of the student population who attend the center
  • An overview of the faculty and staff at the Tampa Education Center and everything they do to help students be successful in their degree programs
  • Types of unique events the center plans to host in the near future to engage with community partners
  • The biggest benefits of attending the center
  • How to contact the Tampa Education Center

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