Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur in the artificial intelligence space or are looking to advance in your career to a C-suite role with a team in the NFL, a Master of Business Administration from Saint Leo University can help prepare you to discover a wide array of exciting and unique roles across all fields.

In this episode of the Saint Leo 360 podcast, we are joined by Dr.

 Pamela Lee. Dr. Lee is a U.S. Navy veteran, a longtime associate professor of management at Saint Leo University, and the director of Saint Leo's MBA program since 2018. Dr. Lee spoke about:

  • Her background prior to joining Saint Leo University in 2011
  • Her role teaching in Saint Leo's Tapia College of Business and specific courses she has taught in the MBA program and in other business programs
  • Becoming director of Saint Leo's MBA program in 2018
  • The various modalities of the MBA program and where it is offered to students (including University Campus, at local Education Centers, and online)
  • Admission requirements
  • Types of students for whom the program is intended, including how it can benefit both recent bachelor's degree graduates as well as those who have been out of college for years
  • The MBA Online Academic Achievement Scholarship and how it can help incoming students save on tuition
  • The core MBA courses and how they are unique from those in other MBA programs
  • The various concentrations offered in the MBA program and which ones are the most high-demand concentrations in today's ever-changing job landscape, in addition to areas in which there is more opportunity during and after the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
  • An overview of the MBA faculty, their unique backgrounds, and how supportive they are to Saint Leo students
  • Specific examples of how the MBA program's curriculum has benefited graduates in their careers
  • Why a prospective student should choose Saint Leo University's MBA program over other universities
  • How prospective students can learn more about Saint Leo's MBA program

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