Saint Leo University wants everyone to make the right choice on where they will fit best when choosing an academic program from an institution of higher education.

That's why the university offers both on-site and online information sessions. Let's explore what you can learn and take away from these information-packed events.

What is an On-site Saint Leo Information Session?

Basically, an on-site information session is a presentation designed to inform prospective students about everything Saint Leo can offer them to help them achieve their individual academic goals. These on-site sessions are held at University Campus and at Saint Leo's many education centers nationwide. Some sessions are held monthly, while others are still held on a regular basis. Advisors and admissions counselors can keep prospective students up to date on when upcoming sessions will be held.

These info sessions cover:

  • - The history of Saint Leo University
  • - Advising support and tutoring
  • - Flexible courses and one-on-one support from faculty
  • - Financial aid, scholarships, and other strategies on paying for college
  • - The simplified admissions process
  • - How to apply for admission to Saint Leo

In addition to these more general topics about Saint Leo, some information sessions include lots of details that are tailored to prospective students who are interested in specific academic programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Depending on where these presentations are held, their focus is on the programs offered at that particular location.

Prospective students can learn all about:

  • - When and where a program is offered
  • - The length and number of credit hours for a program
  • - The specific courses and electives offered in the program
  • - Instructions on how to apply to a program

Of course, attendees have the opportunity to ask questions about their individual interests and goals to get the full scope of what they're looking for.

What Is an Online Information Session?

Saint Leo's online information sessions are very similar to those held at University Campus or at one of the school's education centers. The big difference is that they can be viewed remotely from anywhere with an Internet connection.

These easy-to-view online presentations provide much of the same information but are focused on the extensive selection of online programs Saint Leo offers. These presentations are also interactive, allowing prospective students to submit questions and get the answers they need via a convenient chat feature.

Online info sessions provide both a general overview of Saint Leo and specific information about each program. So, if you're looking to attain a master's in criminal justice or an MBA, you'll learn everything you need to know to help you make the best decision for your future.