In the fall of 2019, Saint Leo University is excited to be launching five brand new online degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. These degree programs span a variety of disciplines within in-demand industries, enabling students to be prepared for rewarding careers upon earning these degrees.

Below is an overview of these five new online degree programs.

1. Bachelor of Science – Software Engineering

Software engineering is responsible for much of our technological progress—from smartphones to genetic modeling. These days, this field is experiencing explosive growth due to the tremendous prevalence of software that drives a wide range of computing machines and devices.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Software Engineering, you'll be fully prepared to contribute to today's ever-growing information economy. The online BS in Software Engineering curriculum is designed to prepare graduates for exciting careers in software development by combining the right balance of fundamental and theoretical concepts of modern software design techniques. Students will gain a practical understanding of computer hardware, networks, databases, and key areas of software architecture.

In addition to being available online, this program will also be offered at University Campus.

2. Master of Science – Software Engineering

Another one of Saint Leo's new online degree programs is the Master of Science in Software Engineering. The curriculum of this graduate program addresses today's top industry needs by teaching fundamental and theoretical concepts that includes an intensive, comprehensive coverage of modern software development techniques. This approach prepares graduates to be versatile so they can work within a number of different fields. 

The MS in Software Engineering program is also designed to help students with a technical background become leaders in the industry. This degree is relevant to software engineers looking to stay on the cutting edge by developing new technical skills, as well as for students who want to foster innovation by keeping up with emerging software trends and technologies.

3. Bachelor of Arts – Elementary Education

As a teacher, you can make a positive difference in the lives of young people, and there has never been a better time for opportunities in education as there is today.

Saint Leo's Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education online degree program is designed for students who plan to teach in elementary schools. Earning this degree will qualify graduates for Florida teacher certification. Since this is a state-approved Teacher Education Program, Saint Leo graduates are assured Florida certification, as well as ESOL and Reading Endorsements. While reciprocity exists with many other states, this online degree is only available to students in Florida.

Through a series of practical field work opportunities and internships, students gain a wealth of real-world experience in this curriculum. Upon earning this degree, graduates will be well equipped to command a classroom of their own.

The instructors in this undergraduate program come from a wide range of backgrounds and have a wealth of practical experience within elementary education settings, allowing them to communicate this valuable practice to students.

In addition to being available online, this program will also be offered at some of Saint Leo's Education Centers throughout Florida.

4. Bachelor of Arts – Educational Studies, Early Childhood Development Specialization

The new BA in Educational Studies with a Specialization in Early Childhood Development and Education prepares graduates with conceptual and practical skills needed to design, implement, and evaluate educational experiences in traditional contexts and a variety of other environments. The primary goal of this program is to provide a curriculum for graduates to make a positive impact on learning environments and outcomes for both children and adult learners.

This hands-on program prepares individuals who want to deepen their understanding of the learning and teaching processes, yet may choose to seek careers in non-traditional education settings that do not require state licensure. Graduates will have the ability to effectively work with children, parents, families, and communities in a variety of settings.

In addition, through field work opportunities, students will actively make connections between subject area content and real-world application. Students are afforded opportunities to observe, participate, and teach in early childhood settings and various community organizations that work with young children. These experiences provide students an opportunity to link their course work to real-world environments.

5. Bachelor of Arts – Human Services

Saint Leo's new Bachelor of Arts in Human Services online degree program is an interdisciplinary applied curriculum that promotes service to others. It fosters an understanding of the causes and consequences of individual and social problems and prepares students for rewarding careers in which they can make a positive impact on various communities in need.

The theoretical foundation of this curriculum is systems theory. This concept provides a framework for understanding human behavior and social service delivery systems. The BA in Human Services program emphasizes the development of problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, as well as an understanding of the principles of interpersonal behavior in the social environment. This includes the impact of cultural diversity.

Plus, the curriculum includes an advanced field placement and a comprehensive exam on research methods – both designed to ensure students are fully prepared to embark on successful opportunities within the broad scope of human services.

The Master of Public Administration from NDNU

In addition to the five aforementioned online degree programs, Saint Leo is thrilled to partner with Notre Dame de Namur University to offer an online Master of Public Administration (MPA). This graduate degree prepares students to become leaders in public, nonprofit, and service-related organizations across a number of industries.

Expectations for Online Degree Programs

Saint Leo has prided itself on offering online degree programs for 20 years. Thanks to small class sizes, students receive personal attention from their instructors and can easily communicate with fellow students and instructors whenever they have questions or need assistance.

Plus, these online degree programs offer students plenty of flexibility, especially for working adults with families. Online education comes with some deadlines throughout each term, but students can typically complete their coursework on their own terms, regardless of the other obligations they may have.

If you've never taken courses in this format before, check out this guide on what types of assignments to expect in online degree programs.