Saint Leo University offers degree programs to students of all backgrounds through several different modalities. One such modality through which courses are delivered is at the university’s local education centers. The East Pasco Education Center, which encompasses a few locations, is just one of several local facilities students can attend to earn a degree of their choice.

In this episode of the Saint Leo 360 podcast, we highlight the East Pasco Education Center located at Saint Leo’s University Campus, as well as its satellite locations in Pasco and Hernando counties. Our guests are Matt Lenihan, director of the East Pasco Education Center, and Shana Sapp, the assistant director of the center. The two spoke about:

  • An overview of the center and its satellite locations on the campuses of Pasco-Hernando State College, along with the numerous academic and technological resources available to all students
  • The variety of degree Programs offered at these locations
  • Several key partnerships the center has with local school districts, high schools, and other highly regarded organizations
  • Future plans on the horizon for the center
  • An overview of the supportive faculty and staff at the center
  • A glimpse into the demographics of the center’s student population
  • Types of events held at the center and a look ahead at future events
  • The overall benefits of Attending the East Pasco Education Center
  • How to contact the center to learn more

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Learn More about Saint Leo’s East Pasco Education Center

Get the scoop on Saint Leo University’s East Pasco Education Center and everything this location has to offer to students. Interested in taking classes in New Port Richey or Spring Hill instead? Find out more about the East Pasco Education Center’s satellite locations on the Pasco and Hernando offices page.

Contact the East Pasco Education Center

Contact center director Matt Lenihan at or by phone at 352-588-7451.