If you are looking for a university with a big emphasis on faculty who bring many years of field experience to the classroom, Saint Leo University is a perfect example of this. Prof. Gianna Russo, an assistant professor of English and creative writing, can relay a tremendous amount of practical experience to her students at both the undergraduate and graduate degree levels.

In this episode of the Saint Leo 360 podcast, we visit with Russo, a Tampa native who teaches in the Department of Language Studies and the Arts within the College of Arts and Sciences at Saint Leo University. During the conversation, Russo spoke about:

  • Her personal background with a unique family history in the Tampa Bay region
  • How she got interested in writing with a focus on poetry
  • What inspired her to pursue a career teaching high school and a unique creative writing program she helped develop for high school students
  • How she began teaching for Saint Leo University and courses she teaches in both undergraduate and graduate degree programs
  • Her innovative approaches to teaching and grading writing assignments
  • The numerous benefits of attending Saint Leo University from the standpoint of a faculty member
  • The publications and writing events she is involved with at Saint Leo
  • Her published works and a dramatic reading of one of her favorite poems

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