Saint Leo University has proudly served a large number of active-duty and veteran students over the years in terms of higher education. One such veteran who served for nearly four decades is retired U.S. Army sergeant major Clifford Lovejoy, a Saint Leo alumnus who has earned multiple degrees from the university.

In this episode of the Saint Leo 360 podcast, we feature Part 2 of our conversation with Lovejoy who most recently completed the MS in Emergency and Disaster Management online degree program. He discussed:

  • Balancing online education while still enlisted, deployed, and in combat operations
  • How he decided on the Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a Specialization in Clinical & Applied Sociology
  • Attending a few of Saint Leo University's Education Centers and the family-oriented atmosphere at these locations
  • How he fit in so well as a 60-year-old student with health problems and a service animal
  • Dr. Margaret Snead and Dr. Aloma Mendoza, two sociology instructors who made a positive impact on him and how all of his instructors spent one-on-one time supporting him
  • How he and his classmates had mutual support for each other both inside and outside of the classroom
  • How he and his wife, Veronica, supported each other attending Saint Leo together
  • Why he decided to pursue the online master's in emergency and disaster management degree program and how this graduate program fits with his personality and attitude of wanting to help others
  • The benefits of an online degree program and his advice on how to be successful in one
  • How his Saint Leo University education has benefited him in his life and outlook in so many ways
  • Why he calls education the "center of gravity"
  • How he became a military mentor for the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) and his work mentoring children who have lost loved ones in combat or to suicide
  • His goal of becoming an adjunct instructor for Saint Leo University someday

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