PODCAST REWIND: Discussing Saint Leo’s Unique Simulation Technology

In Episode 45 of the Saint Leo 360 podcast, we feature a panel discussion on the ‘Simulated Experiences at Saint Leo’ simulation technology that is preparing Saint Leo University students across a variety of degree programs for future career confidence and success.

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29 October 2021 - By Greg Lindberg
Episode 45: Discussing the 'Stimulated Experiences at Saint Leo' Technology

Virtual and augmented reality technologies have made their way into numerous fields in recent years. One such field is higher education. Saint Leo University has been using a cutting-edge simulation technology that is receiving rave reviews from both students and faculty on its tremendous benefits. Known as ‘Simulated Experiences at Saint Leo,’ this simulation technology was developed and is maintained by the software company Mursion. It allows students to interact with virtual avatars who are actually voiced by live simulation specialists.

In this episode of the Saint Leo 360 podcast, we feature a roundtable discussion with Greg Kunzweiler, the assistant director of the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence at Saint Leo, as well as Emily Kochanski and Samantha Parisi, the university’s two simulation specialists. They spoke about:

  • The background on the CTLE and its functions
  • How and when Saint Leo University first started using this simulation technology developed by Mursion
  • How this technology works for both in-person and virtual learning experiences
  • Examples of degree programs and courses in which this simulation technology is utilized
  • The numerous benefits of this technology for Saint Leo students pursuing a variety of career tracks
  • Feedback from faculty and students
  • The backgrounds of the simulation specialists and how they came into these unique roles
  • How the simulation specialists prepare to voice a session and the process of collaborating with faculty to develop each session

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Learn More about the ‘Simulated Experiences at Saint Leo’ Simulation Technology

To learn more about the simulation technology at Saint Leo University and to view some examples of this technology in action, check out the ‘Simulated Experiences at Saint Leo’ homepage.