Brianna Adeeb, a senior pursuing a business administration degree from Saint Leo University, loves to make craft designs come to life. She combined this passion with what she has learned in her business courses to launch a successful Etsy store.

Nicknamed “Bri” for short, Adeeb is a Florida native who was born in Key West and now resides in Dade City. The 21-year-old has a younger sister, Arianna. Her mom is Deanna, and she says they like to jokingly call her dad “Jeff-anna,” although his given name is Jeff. The family has a hobby farm with dogs, birds, horses, cows, goats, and chickens.

She is a 2018 alumna of Pasco High School where she was a member of the Future Farmers of America (FFA) chapter.

Why Saint Leo University Was the Right Fit for Her

Adeeb enrolled at Saint Leo University in the fall of 2018. She explains why she chose the university over other options for college.

“The school is small and so close to home,” Adeeb shares. “To me, it was an easy transition from high school because of its smaller class sizes. Plus, everyone on campus is really friendly.”

She started out her college career as a biology major but eventually realized she preferred the BS in business administration degree program. Fittingly, the desire to pursue entrepreneurship has run in her family for generations.

“One of my grandpas was a doctor and also owned a car business,” she says. “My other grandpa owned a record store. My parents used to own a bar and liquor store.”

Supportive Professors in the Business Administration Degree Program

A few of her instructors have gone above and beyond in how they have supported her as a Saint Leo student.

“I’ve had a few favorites in my time at Saint Leo. I’d say that Dr. Tim Lowder, my advisor, has been very helpful. I was two years into the biology program when I switched to the business administration degree. Dr. Lowder was a big help to me with this change. I actually made him a phone stand with his name and degrees listed on it. I also liked Dr. Raymond Kurt Yann who I had for accounting. My accounting classes have really helped me to run the finance side of my Etsy store.”

She adds that personal development has been the most impactful Saint Leo University core value for her because of how many life lessons she has learned while in college.


Why She Would Recommend Saint Leo to Others

There are several reasons Adeeb gives as to why she would gladly refer prospective students to Saint Leo University.

“It’s a small school, so it honestly makes everything a lot easier,” she says. “You don’t have to deal with hundreds of kids per class in huge lecture halls. Plus, it’s easy to talk to your professors. If I walk down the hall and see one of my professors, they know my name.”

Launching an Etsy Store of Her Own

A photo of a square wooden ornament that says ‘Gingerbread Baking Co.’ with several little Gingerbread people under the text; this was designed by Saint Leo University business administration degree student Brianna Adeeb for her Etsy store

In December of 2020, she started an Etsy store called AmberBmade. Amber is her middle name and the ‘B’ is her first initial.

“I’ve always been someone who likes making things. I used to only make things for myself and family member, so I decided I wanted to make things for others. Plus, my dad is a hobby woodworker, so I kind of inherited that interest from him and he lets me use all of his tools.”

She creates and sells a wide range of items designed through woodworking. Offerings include name tags, signs, ornaments, and jewelry.

“I make everything to order,” she says. “It takes time and patience on my part.”

When a holiday is approaching, her sales tend to spike. Christmas and Valentine’s Day are the big holidays for her. She also crafts items for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations.

“I really enjoy the design process,” she says. “I do this just enough for my enjoyment so I don’t get swamped with it. I get about two orders a week on average, but I’ve had up to 40 in a week during peak times.”

While she wants to keep things manageable, she does have a lofty goal for 2022.

“I want to double the amount of listings on Etsy and double my sales from last year.”

Future Education & Career Considerations

Upon completing her undergraduate business administration degree, Adeeb plans to embark on Saint Leo’s MBA in project management degree program.

In terms of her career, she previously worked at the front desk at the Advent Health location in Dade City. She has also done volunteer work at a local vet clinic and the Pasco County Fair. Her ultimate professional goal is to work as a full-time project manager.

Photo credit: The photographs included in this blog article were provided by Brianna Adeeb and are used with permission.