From technology to education to sports, the concept of marketing can be applied to such a wide range of fields. Gaining an edge on one's competition is critical for long-term success in any field, and effectively positioning a brand in terms of how it is marketed is a must to achieve this.

In this episode of the Saint Leo 360 podcast, we are joined by Dr. Keith Jones, an associate professor of marketing in Saint Leo University's Tapia College of Business. Dr. Jones discussed the bachelor's and MBA in marketing degree programs at Saint Leo and spoke about:

  • His personal and professional background prior to teaching
  • His teaching career and journey to Saint Leo University
  • Where the bachelor's in marketing degree program is offered
  • The types of students this undergraduate program is intended for
  • An overview of courses and topics covered in the curriculum
  • An overview of the faculty who teach in this program
  • The American Marketing Association (AMA) chapter on campus and the benefits of being a member
  • Career opportunities with this BA degree
  • Pursuing graduate studies with this degree
  • The 3+1 accelerated degree program through which students can earn a BA plus an MBA in marketing, all in four years
  • The two MBA in marketing concentrations offered by Saint Leo University
  • What sets all of these marketing degree programs apart from others

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Learn more about the bachelor's in marketing, the MBA in marketing, and the MBA in social media marketing degree programs at Saint Leo University.