What is the Value of a Degree from Saint Leo University?

What is the value of a degree from Saint Leo University? Learn how the university makes paying for college accessible and why Saint Leo is worth the cost.

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18 November 2020 - By Greg Lindberg
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When considering a college or university for higher education, there are many factors involved in one's ultimate decision to enroll with a certain school. One of these big questions is to determine how a student will be paying for college and whether a degree is worth the cost of the tuition.

Have you been asking yourself, "What is the value of a degree from Saint Leo University?" Consider the following financial aid options which make paying for college worth the price.

Paying for College: Financial Aid Opportunities

Through its Student Financial Services Office, Saint Leo offers a number of financial aid options when it comes to paying for college. These are in addition to Bright Futures and other scholarship and grant opportunities outside of the university.

One such initiative to make paying for college more accessible to a large number of students is the university's Dare to Roar program. This program features several new financial aid options for all types of students.

Tuition Advantage Program

One feature of Saint Leo's Dare to Roar program is the Tuition Advantage Program.

This program is specifically for students who are Florida residents and attend University Campus for a bachelor's degree. If the student meets certain academic requirements and comes from a household whose adjusted gross income is less than $50,000per year, the student may qualify to complete a Saint Leo University degree at virtually no tuition cost.

Dare to Roar Associate Degree Program

Students interested in pursuing an associate degree can earn an AA or AS degree on their way to attaining a bachelor's degree. For less than $10,000 in tuition per year, students can earn an associate degree in one of four associate programs:


  • Liberal Arts
  • Business Administration
  • Information Technology
  • Criminal Justice


Study Florida Tuition Discount

Students may also be eligible for the Study Florida 50 percent tuition discount as they transition into a bachelor's degree program at University Campus. This discount cuts a student's tuition in half, making paying for college far more affordable.

Global Citizen Award

Saint Leo is proud to educate international students who come to University Campus from across the world. In fact, nearly 600 international students from over 100 countries enrolled in a Saint Leo degree program for the Fall 2020 term, many of whom are attending University Campus.

To help international students save on tuition, another new offering is the Global Citizen Award. This financial aid award provides international students with a stackable award of $3,000 per year.

Catholic Promise Scholarship

In the past few years, Saint Leo began offering its Catholic Promise Scholarship to incoming undergraduate students who graduate from a Catholic high school and meet certain requirements. This award was recently expanded and updated and now provides a stackable award of $3,000 per year for students working toward a bachelor's degree. This scholarship can be combined with academic scholarships, totaling up to a maximum of $17,000 per year.

Learn more about this opportunity to help students pay for college on the Catholic Promise Scholarship page.

A 'Best Value' College

In September, U.S. News & World Report released its annual rankings for universities. Saint Leo University was ranked as one of the best values in higher education in the south for 2021. The university moved up from fifth place last year to fourth place in the latest rankings in this category, demonstrating that the value of a Saint Leo degree is worth the price.

3+1 Degree Programs

Not only can students save time by completing bachelor's and master's degree programs in only four years, but there is certainly an opportunity to save money through this curriculum format.

Saint Leo currently offers several 3+1 Accelerated Degree Programs in which students can earn a bachelor's degree and then go on for either an MBA or a master's degree, finishing both degrees in just four years instead of five or six. By choosing this option, students can save on tuition, fees, housing, and other costs involved in paying for college.

Learn more about Saint Leo University's 3+1 Accelerated Degree Programs.

3+3 Accelerated Law Degree Program

In addition to several 3+1 Accelerated degree programs, Saint Leo also offers a 3+3 law degree program. Through this curriculum, students can earn a bachelor's degree in certain majors and then pursue a law degree from either Florida State University or Barry University. All coursework can be completed in just six years rather than the traditional eight it often takes law students to earn an undergraduate and law degree.

Much like the 3+1 degree programs, this 3+3 program offers the opportunity to save on tuition, fees, and housing as students will complete the coursework in a shorter amount of time than traditional programs.

Learn more about this unique program on the 3+3 Accelerated Law Degree Program page.

How the Value of a Saint Leo University Degree Has Paid Off for Alumni

While the term value often refers to cost, it also means how much something is worth. In terms of higher education, the value of a degree from Saint Leo University demonstrates how valuable the education actually is and how it will help graduates achieve their career goals.

Saint Leo alumni have gone on to a number of rewarding career paths across all fields. The university has had alumni land jobs with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ironman, the Pasco County, FL Sheriff's Office, ReliaQuest, iHeartMedia, and many other well-known and smaller organizations. These alumni are a perfect example of how the value of a Saint Leo University degree is not only affordable, but also that this degree can help alumni prosper in their desired career fields in the years after completing their higher education.

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