Biology is a wide-ranging field offering numerous paths toward rewarding careers. Two areas of focus under the biological sciences include specializing in chemistry and going into the STEM teaching field. Saint Leo University is pleased to offer minors in these two areas which students can pair with a biology major.

In this episode of the Saint Leo 360 podcast, we discuss the biology degree program at Saint Leo and these two options for minors. Our guests are Prof. Cheryl Berry, an instructor of biology and life sciences, and Dr. Patrick Sheridan, an associate professor of chemistry. The two professors talked about:

  • Their personal and professional backgrounds
  • Their teaching careers and journey to Saint Leo University
  • A brief history and general overview of the biology degree program at Saint Leo
  • Where the program is offered
  • Types of students this program is intended for
  • An overview of courses and topics covered in the education and chemistry minors
  • An overview of the faculty who teach in the program and these two specific tracks
  • Relevant campus organizations, honor societies, and clubs for students interested in biology and the natural sciences
  • The ACES Scholars program and a significant scholarship opportunity for students pursuing STEM teaching careers
  • Career opportunities with a bachelor's in biology degree and specific tracks for STEM education and chemistry students
  • Pursuing graduate studies with a biology degree
  • What sets Saint Leo's biology degree program apart from others

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