While sometimes overused, the term melting pot is a very accurate descriptor for the population of the United States. The same can be said about the student population at Saint Leo University. International students come to University Campus from dozens of countries around the globe to earn a degree from Saint Leo, including many students enrolled in graduate degree programs.

In this episode of the Saint Leo 360 podcast, we are joined by three international graduate students for a roundtable discussion. The students are Andrada Alston Gordan (Master of Accounting), Erik Hoffmann (MBA in Marketing), and
Ilia Iarmanov (MBA). During the conversation, they each spoke about:

  • Which countries they are from and why they came to the United States
  • How they initially learned about Saint Leo University and why they decided to enroll in a graduate degree program with the university and attend University Campus
  • Their experiences assimilating in American culture
  • Their respective graduate degree programs
  • Notable Saint Leo professors and courses in their graduate studies
  • Work opportunities and other involvement on campus
  • How accepting the Saint Leo University community has been to them
  • Which Saint Leo University core values have resonated most with them
  • Why they would recommend Saint Leo to other international students
  • How Saint Leo University has prepared them in their careers

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