Another exciting school year is underway at Saint Leo University. This year, the school's University Campus is proud to have a record-breaking number of incoming freshmen, including a nice number of international students.

We got a chance to meet some of these new faces who are eager to embark on their higher education journey and enjoy the countless opportunities that college life presents.

Dontae Gilbert, 18, from Nassau, The Bahamas, history major

"I found out about Saint Leo University through other friends who go here. I came for a visit back in April to tour the campus. After seeing everything here and talking to the advisors, I learned that this is a close-knit family and that this was the perfect place for me to go to college. I'm really excited to meet new people. It seems like Saint Leo has a very diverse campus. I'm a history major."

Andrew Booth, 18, from Palm Harbor, FL

Palm Harbor University High School,

"It's just amazing here. This is a place that has an atmosphere where you just want to spend a lot of time. I'm looking forward to change and getting to meet new people."

Juan Diaz, 18, from Worcester, MA

St. Peter-Marian Central Junior-Senior High School,

"I wanted to get out of Massachusetts and get out of the cold. I'm excited about meeting new people, discovering new things, and doing something different."

Ariana Larkin, 18, from Orlando, FL

New Dimensions High School,

"I originally wanted to study criminal justice. When I typed this in on Google, Saint Leo University was basically the school that first popped up, and I thought, 'Oh my gosh, this must be perfect for me!' I'm most looking forward to my degree program and the skills I'll learn so I can pursue my master's degree down the road."

Amanda Fonseca, 18, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"I was part of a program back in Brazil called Education USA. They talked about Saint Leo University and how good of a school it is. It has been amazing so far. Everyone has been so welcoming. I decided to major in psychology."

Madelynn Reed, 18, from Dade City, FL

Wharton High School,

"I chose Saint Leo University because of the location and convenience of the campus. I'm looking forward to taking part in the 3+3 Accelerated Law program that they offer here."

Malaya Gilbert, 18, from Miami, FL

Miami Northwestern Senior High School,

"Miami has lots of historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), and lots of people go to those. I looked at Saint Leo University as a place I could come to go in a little different direction to better myself."

Tarvis Williams, 18, from Miami, FL

"I know they have a good criminal justice program here, and I was looking to better myself."

Olivia Conlon, 18, from Boston, MA

Melrose High School,

"I really like the community, the campus here, and I really love Florida. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and living away from home."

Yannique Forbes, 18, from Nassau, The Bahamas

Genesis Academy,

"I really like the campus here. I'm a biomedical major and I want to be a midwife someday."

Ashlyn Sands, 17, from New Providence, The Bahamas [chose not to be pictured]

"I found out about Saint Leo University through a scholarship program. They gave us a list of schools and I really liked everything I learned about what Saint Leo has to offer. Everyone here has been super nice and friendly. I'm really excited about getting to know people from other cultures and also learn a lot about American culture since I'm not too familiar with it. I started playing the piano in the 10th grade and would love to start up some type of music club for students who play instruments. I'm a healthcare administration major and would like to be a hospital administrator someday."