Libraries have long been stereotyped as places for studying, reading, and having to be overly quiet all the time. The Saint Leo library is trying to change this perception.

Saint Leo University’s Daniel A. Cannon Memorial Library offers a wide range of resources and services to all Saint Leo students, regardless of where they are completing their degrees. It is also a nice community gathering spot for students to spend time with their classmates and friends.

In this episode of the Saint Leo 360 podcast, we welcome Dr. Doris Van Kampen-Breit, the University librarian in the Saint Leo library. She spoke about:

  • The background on who Daniel A. Cannon was and the Cannon’s family connection to Saint Leo University
  • A brief history of the Saint Leo library
  • A bio of herself and her role as University Librarian
  • An overview of the Saint Leo library staff
  • Print books, materials, and technology available to Saint Leo students
  • Online materials and resources available to students
  • Research and academic support services available to students
  • How the library serves online and education center students
  • A variety of events held or sponsored by the Saint Leo library
  • Contact info for the library

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Learn More about the Saint Leo Library

In addition to listening to this podcast episode, check out the Daniel A. Cannon Memorial Library page to learn more about everything this facility has to offer.

Contact the Daniel A. Cannon Memorial Library

Contact the Saint Leo library by phone at (800) 359-5945 or via email at