PODCAST REWIND: Dr. Cheri Gallman, Alumna of Doctor of Education Podcast

Listen to Episode 22 of the Saint Leo 360 podcast with Dr. Cheri Gallman who spoke about the Doctor of Education and other education programs at Saint Leo.

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20 November 2020 - By Greg Lindberg
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BSaint Leo University has been a leader in offering high-quality education degree programs to future teachers and those looking to advance in their careers within the education ecosystem. The university finally unveiled a Doctor of Education (EdD) in School Leadership program in the fall of 2018. This doctoral program now accompanies the undergraduate and master's-level education programs at Saint Leo.

In this episode of the Saint Leo 360 podcast, we visit with Dr. Cheri Gallman, a Saint Leo University alumna who has earned multiple education degrees from the university, most recently the Doctor of Education. Gallman talked about:

  • Her family, current work, and hobbies
  • How she discovered Saint Leo University and initially attended one of the university's Education Centers to earn her bachelor's in elementary education
  • Her online Master of Education (Med) with a concentration in Reading degree program
  • Completing the Education Specialist (EdS) program and how this was a springboard toward the doctoral degree program
  • Why she chose to pursue the Doctor of Education (EdD) in School Leadership
  • The availability of her instructors and how they were always willing to help her in a timely manner
  • How she and her fellow classmates in her cohort had mutual support for each other during the doctoral program
  • The topic of her dissertation and how it was so unintentionally relevant to virtual education during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
  • How the curriculum in the Doctor of Education program has benefited her career as a teacher
  • Her original career and how she got interested in teaching after homeschooling her children for a period of time
  • Her work with Florida Virtual School as a middle school language arts teacher and as a new adjunct instructor for Saint Leo University
  • Why she says it's never too late to earn a degree, even a doctoral degree

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Listen to Episode 22 of the Saint Leo 360 podcast with Saint Leo University Doctor of Education alumna and current adjunct instructor Dr. Cheri Gallman here.

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