If you live in the state of Georgia, you have several choices when it comes to earning a degree from Saint Leo University. Of course, there are many online degree programs from which you may choose to complete your degree wherever you reside, but there are also several education centers around the state if you're looking to take face-to-face courses in a traditional classroom setting.

This fall, Saint Leo proudly unveiled a new location for its Savannah, GA Education Center. We recently caught up with center director Stephanie Stinski to learn more about the new location and what the center offers.

Q: Where is the new location for this center?

A: Our address is:

325 W. Montgomery Crossroads
Savannah, GA 31406

We are right outside of Hunter Army Airfield where Middleground Road turns into Montgomery Crossroads. We are housed in the previous location of the VA clinic. We're only about a mile and a half away from our previous location.

We're proud to have a long history in Savannah. Our presence in the area began in 1975, and we had locations on two different military bases here at one point.

Q: What was the re-grand opening like for the Savannah Education Center?

A: On this day in October, we had a nice community presence with about 115 people in attendance. We had a DJ playing music, refreshments, a photo booth, and a technology showcase demonstrating our VTT technology, which allows for students in one location to view and take courses from another location.

Also, since we're right next to Hunter Army Airfield, we were lucky enough to have Lt. Colonel Kenneth Dwyer, the Garrison Commander of the Airfield, on hand.

Q: Why did the center decide to move to this new location?

A: We needed more space to accommodate our students. This space allows us to have more classrooms with smaller class sizes. This lets students have more one-on-one time with their instructors and makes it easier for group projects.

In addition, some of the classrooms have collapsible walls, so we'll be able to host more events for the community.

Q: How large is this new center location?

A: We have a total of 13 classrooms, an enhanced computer lab, a learning resource center, a military resource center, a conference room, a study room, and a lounge with healthy vending options like salads and sandwiches. We also offer coffee and have popcorn during the first week of the term.

Q: Which academic programs are offered at the center?

A: We offer the following programs:

Associate of Arts

- Business Administration

- Criminal Justice

- Liberal Arts

Bachelor of Arts

- Accounting

- Business Administration (Logistics)

- Business Administration (Management)

- Criminal Justice

- Criminal Justice (Criminalistics)

- Criminal Justice (Homeland Security)

- Human Resource Management

- Human Services

- Psychology (Clinical/Counseling)

- Psychology (Developmental)

- Psychology (General)

- Religion

Bachelor of Science

- Computer Information Systems

- Health Care Administration

Master of Science

- Human Services Administration

- Criminal Justice

Master of Business Administration

- Business Administration

Q: When are classes offered at the center?

A: We offer both daytime and evening courses throughout the week. Some of these classes start between 9 a.m. and noon, while the later ones begin at either 5 or 6 p.m.

We also offer Saturday classes, some of which start in the morning and others begin in the early afternoon.

Q: What are the faculty like at this center?

A: We currently have four full-time faculty members and over 50 adjunct faculty. Many of our adjuncts are working in their respective fields, which allows them to bring plenty of real-world experience to the classroom.

Having this large number of faculty allows us to offer a nice variety of programs, and students can be guaranteed to be able to take either a math or English course each term to help them move through their program efficiently.

Q: What kinds of unique activities does the center offer?

A: We have some on-ground student clubs, including a criminal justice club, business club, and a human services Club.

We also host different donation drives and volunteer opportunities throughout the year for the Salvation Army, local nonprofit organizations, and for various military organizations. For example, we send holiday cards to military members overseas.

Q: How can prospective students learn more about the center?

A: Feel free to give me a call at 912-352-8331, ext. 3023. You can also e-mail me at Stephanie.stinski@saintleo.edu.

Also, be sure to check out the Savannah Education Center webpage and Facebook page..