Are you a business-minded professional looking to advance your career or start your own business? Would you enjoy a flexible doctoral degree program in which you can earn a terminal degree and focus on a specific area of practical study that truly appeals to your interests? If so, the DBA online program offered at Saint Leo University just might be a fantastic option for you.

In this episode of the Saint Leo 360 podcast, we catch up with Dr. Dale Mancini, the director of the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) online program at Saint Leo University. In this conversation, Dr. Mancini spoke about:

  • A brief bio about himself and how he got into teaching for Saint Leo University
  • The history of the Doctor of Business Administration program and why Saint Leo started the program
  • The admission requirements
  • The varied demographics and backgrounds of the types of students who have enrolled in this doctoral program
  • Where the program is offered and a unique residency component
  • An overview of the program requirements
  • Examples of courses
  • The faculty who teach in the program and how they stand out
  • Career opportunities and advancement possibilities with a DBA or any terminal degree on your resume

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