Are you a professional engaged in ministry or education within the American Catholic Church? Have you thought about adding a doctoral degree to your resume? Consider the Doctor of Theology online degree program in applied theology at Saint Leo University. Launching this fall, this brand new offering can help individuals in a variety of ecumenical settings take their careers to the next level.

In this episode of the Saint Leo 360 podcast, we preview this new Doctor of Theology program with Dr. Stephen Okey, an associate professor of theology, religion, and philosophy and director of this new doctoral program. During the conversation, Dr. Okey spoke about:

  • His background in terms of education and career
  • The four main types of doctoral degrees in theology and how a Doctor of Theology (ThD) is unique
  • The inspiration behind Saint Leo University starting this Doctor of Theology in applied theology program
  • The definition of “applied theology” and An overview of this discipline
  • The types of prospective students this doctoral program is geared toward
  • The prerequisites for admission to the program
  • Where the program will be offered and the low-residency portion
  • The credit hours needed for completion and an estimated length of the program for students
  • An overview of courses and topics that will be covered in the program
  • An overview of faculty members who are planning to teach in the program
  • How a ThD can specifically benefit graduates in their careers
  • What sets this Doctor of Theology online program apart from others

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Learn More about Saint Leo University’s Doctor of Theology (ThD) Program

To learn more about this new doctoral program offered by Saint Leo University, check out the Doctor of Theology online program page.

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