Paying for college can be a major question for any college student. Fortunately, there are a number of financial aid options available to students of all ages and backgrounds. This includes students who take courses within Saint Leo WorldWide which encompasses those enrolled in online degree programs or at education centers within Saint Leo University.

In this episode of the Saint Leo 360 podcast, we chat with Amanda Black of the Student Financial Services team at Saint Leo University. The main focus of the discussion is on financial aid for Saint Leo's WorldWide students. Black spoke about:

  • The basic requirements Saint Leo WorldWide students must meet to be eligible for financial aid
  • The differences in financial aid for Saint Leo WorldWide undergraduate vs. graduate students
  • What the FAFSA is and why it's so important to claim financial aid funding
  • How financial aid differs for Saint Leo University students in different U.S. states
  • Types of internal scholarships and grants Saint Leo University offers to WorldWide students
  • Financial aid benefits available to active-duty, reservist, and veteran students taking courses either online or at one of Saint Leo's education centers
  • How Saint Leo University supports all students with their financial aid needs
  • How current students, prospective students, and parents can contact Student Financial Services to learn more about the numerous financial aid options available

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Visit the Student Financial Services webpage to learn more about all financial aid options for Saint Leo WorldWide students. You may contact Student Financial Services by phone at (800) 240-7658. Contact the team via email at