Saint Leo University proudly maintains several Education Centers in the state of Florida. Our newest center is located in the northeastern part of the state in Jacksonville, Florida.

We recently caught up with Jessica Starkey, the associate director of our Jacksonville, FL Education Center, to learn more about what this brand new location offers and why it's a great option for prospective students who are seeking a variety of high-demand degrees from a nationally-recognized institution.

Q: When did the Jacksonville, FL Education Center open its doors?

A: We just opened in December of 2017. We started holding classes for the Spring I term of 2018.

Q: Where is the Jacksonville, FL Education Center located, and how large is it?

A: The Jacksonville Education Center is located at:

9775 Crosshill Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32222

We're conveniently located right off Argyle Forest Boulevard, which is a main road in the area.

This is a standalone center, and we're actually the only tenants in our building. It's also in an open-air retail shopping center known as the Oakleaf Town Center with a Target, Kohl's, and The Home Depot.

We have 8,400 square feet with five classrooms, two of which can open up into a larger gathering area.

Our center is the only university on this side of Jacksonville, which is great for those who don't want to travel across town since this is one of the largest cities in the country.

Q: What was the grand opening like for the center?

A: It was definitely a fun-filled time with lots of families since most of our students will be non-traditional students who are going back to school, may have kids, and are currently working. We actually had a few sign up that day to become students. We also had some alumni in the area come out for it, along with several adjunct faculty members.

We had a band from Nease High School, a local school in the area, come and play the Saint Leo alma mater. Plus, we had some community leaders from Clay County on hand.

Q: Which programs are being offered at the Jacksonville Education Center?

A: We have started out offering mainly associate's and bachelor's degrees, but we do plan to offer more graduate degrees at some point as well.

The programs we currently offer include:

Associate of Arts (AA)

- Liberal Arts

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

  • Accounting
  • Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Justice (Criminalistics)
  • Criminal Justice (Homeland Security)
  • Human Services
  • Elementary Education (K-6)
  • Business Administration (Management)
  • Middle Grades Education (English)
  • Middle Grades Education (Social Science)
  • Psychology (General)
  • Psychology (Clinical/Counseling)
  • Psychology (Developmental)

Bachelor of Science (BS)

  • Computer Information Systems
  • Health Care Management

Master of Arts (MA)

  • Education
  • Education (Educational Leadership)

Q: When are classes offered at the Jacksonville Education Center?

A: We have started out by offering evening classes, which fit our students' schedules well. But we do hope to offer weekend classes in the near future.

Q: What kinds of students have enrolled at the center?

A: Our center is only seven miles away from Naval Air Station Jacksonville, so we get a fair number of active-duty and veteran military members as students. Most are from about ages 25-35 with a 50:50 split on males and females.

Q: What makes your center unique?

A: There are several unique aspects of our center.

We have a nice coffee station for students to enjoy. We have a lab with 20 computers for students to use. We also have a student center where students can come to work on group projects or where organizations can hold meetings.

Q: How can students learn more about the Jacksonville Education Center?

A: You can call our center at 904-771-7825 or e-mail us at