In recent years, prison education programs have been gaining momentum in many correctional facilities around the United States. Research indicates that educating inmates can benefit them in many ways and society as a whole.

In this episode of the Saint Leo 360 podcast, we showcase Episode 1 of the “As a Matter of Fact” podcast series. Hosted by Dr. Lisa Rapp-McCall, a professor of social work at Saint Leo University, the series features conversations with Saint Leo faculty members who have conducted unique research in their careers. This episode highlights a conversation with Dr. Harry Dammer, the interim associate dean for the College of Education and Social Services at University Campus and a professor of criminal justice. This particular episode was recorded in October of 2022. During the conversation, Dammer spoke about:

  • His background visiting prisons in many countries around the world and what he has learned from immersing himself in these environments
  • An overview of the size, scope, and demographics of the current American prison system
  • Types of education programs offered to prison inmates
  • The benefits of education for inmates and how it can positively impact their future
  • The challenges to facilitating education in prisons and how to overcome some of these barriers

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