Tara Woods has carved out a highly successful career with the Ocala, FL Police Department that has spanned over three decades. After retiring from the agency, she was brought back within just a few short weeks for a new role. On top of her lengthy career, she managed to earn two degrees in criminal justice from Saint Leo University during some of the most time-consuming portions of her working life.

In this episode of the Saint Leo 360 podcast, we feature a recording from a with Woods. During the discussion, she talked about:

  • Her progressive career moving up the ranks within the Ocala, FL Police Department and how she advanced through a number of unique roles over more than a 30-year career
  • How she learned about Saint Leo University and the convenient options to earn her degrees in criminal justice
  • The undergraduate and graduate degree programs she completed and how these degrees benefited her career
  • The unique programs she has developed between the police department and local community in her most recent role after returning to the department following a very brief retirement
  • Her advice on how to succeed in any career and the importance of taking advantage of opportunities that come one’s way, even if they are not the most desirable at the time

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