Episode Summary

In this episode of the Saint Leo 360 podcast, we feature Part 2 of our conversation with Tim Robinson, a U.S. Navy vet, double alumnus of the criminal justice degree program at Saint Leo University, and current law enforcement officer with the Jacksonville, FL Sheriff’s Office. Robinson discussed:

  • A brief bio about his personal and professional backgrounds
  • What inspired him to join the Navy and highlights from his military career
  • How he discovered Saint Leo University and why he decided to enroll in the online bachelor’s in criminal justice degree program
  • His overall experience as an undergraduate student
  • - Why he decided to pursue a master’s in criminal justice degree and his experience in the graduate program
  • Specific courses and faculty members who stood out to him
  • How the online format of these degree programs worked for him as an active-duty military member
  • His involvement in several online clubs and organizations and how these opportunities benefited him in many ways
  • How connected he felt to his fellow students and professors as an online student

Links & Resources

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