In this episode of the Saint Leo 360 podcast, we feature a recording from a recent “Conversations on Success Beyond Service” virtual event held in early August. This event was hosted by Dr. Larry Braue, director of the Office of Military Affairs at Saint Leo University, along with the Saint Leo WorldWide Student Life Department. The featured guest is Mary Kate Soliva, a U.S. Army veteran who still serves in the Army Reserves. She is also a current student in Saint Leo’s Doctor of Criminal Justice degree program. During this event, Soliva spoke about:

  • Her military career and why she decided to depart as a full-time Army soldier but wanted to continue to serve in the Army Reserves
  • The challenges for veterans of transitioning from military service to civilian life and finding their purpose after service
  • Organizations that support veterans with their transition and help with career services
  • Why she chose to pursue Saint Leo University’s Doctor of Criminal Justice degree program and some other unique academic and leadership opportunities she is pursuing
  • Her role as president of the Student Veterans of America (SVA) chapter at Saint Leo University and the numerous benefits of membership
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the military and veterans
  • Her career goals

Learn More about the Doctor of Criminal Justice Program at Saint Leo University

Interested in potentially pursuing a Doctor of Criminal Justice degree like Soliva is doing? Check out the DCJ – Homeland Security program page to get all the details on this unique doctoral program offered online through Saint Leo University.

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