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Accessibility Housing and Dining Accommodations

    Housing and Dining Accommodations

    Saint Leo University works to provide a wide variety of housing and dining options on-campus that can accommodate the vast majority of disability needs. Students who require housing and/or dining accommodations must complete a New Student Application. Students who are already registered with the Office of Accessibility Services can log into their AIM profile to request additional accommodations. Specific information about housing and dining accommodations can be found below.

    Housing Accommodations

    Students with disabilities may be entitled to modified housing if the request is associated with a functional limitation of the student’s disability. For example, a student who is deaf or hard of hearing may require a room with a visual fire alarm or a student with a mobility impairment may require a ground floor room or roll-in sink. Students with disabilities who require such accommodations will receive priority in housing assignment; however, it is important to note that it is the student’s responsibility to request accommodations during the housing selection process to ensure appropriate space is made available prior to other students’ room assignments. Students who require modified housing due to a disability cannot be charged a higher housing rate based solely on their need for accommodations.

    Students who are requesting new housing accommodations must complete a New Student Application to request housing accommodations. Returning students must inform Accessibility Services of their intent to continue accommodations on a yearly basis. This allows Accessibility Services and Residence Life to ensure students with disabilities are given priority in assignment and to make specific rooms that are no longer needed available for other students who may require a similar space to meet their accommodation needs. Students who are renewing accommodations can inform Accessibility Services of their intent to continue housing accommodations by sending an e-mail to Additional documentation is not typically required for renewing accommodations; however, students who are experiencing temporary conditions, conditions that change over time, or when updated information is needed to effectively provide an accommodation, additional documentation may be requested.

    In order to apply for housing accommodations, returning students should ideally make their need for accommodations (new or renewal) known prior to the housing selection deadlines posted annually by the Office of Residence Life. Incoming students should ideally make their requests to the Office of Accessibility Services within two weeks of the enrollment deposit but no later than July 1st. The Office of Accessibility Services accepts requests regardless of posted deadlines; however, students should be aware that housing options become increasingly limited as time goes on. Requests submitted after rooms have been assigned are filled as space becomes available. Students who require modified housing will be given priority on any waitlists when such rooms become available. If a student with a disability is placed on a waitlist, the Office of Accessibility Services and Residence Life will work through the interactive process with the student to determine if there are other accommodations or supports that would be appropriate to meet the student’s needs. Please note the following specifications for housing and dining accommodations:

    1. All the University’s requirements (ranging from meal plans to residence hall housing terms (related to graduate status and part-time enrollment status) are subject to the Section 504 requirements regarding reasonable modifications for students with disabilities; and
    2. Students with disabilities who require special housing to accommodate their disabilities will receive priority in housing assignments.
    3. Students with disabilities who require private housing features (such as a private housing unit, a private bedroom, a private/semi-private bathroom, and/or a private kitchen(ette) as a means of accommodating their disabilities are appropriately accommodated in compliance with Section 504 and not charged a higher housing rate solely based on the need for an accommodation(s).

    Requests for housing changes for reasons other than disability accommodations should be filed according to the procedures described in the Saint Leo University Guide to Residential Living.

    Dining Accommodations

    Per Saint Leo University policy, students living on campus are required to purchase a meal plan. This is to ensure that students have access to quality and nutritious meals while residing on campus. All students (with the exception of those living in Apartments 1-4) must purchase the unlimited meal plan. Students living in Apartments 1-4 must choose from the 5, 10, or unlimited meal plans. Students living on the East Campus (approximately 4 miles from the University Campus) are not required to purchase a meal plan but may also choose from the 5, 10, or unlimited meal plan.

    Saint Leo University understands that students adhere to a variety of diets and may experience different food sensitivities. The Dining Services management is committed to providing a variety of options to all students to meet a multitude of pallets. Every effort will be made to accommodate students within the on-campus dining program.

    In the rare case that the Saint Leo University Dining Services cannot accommodate a student’s dietary needs, adjustments to, or exemptions from, the required meal plan will be granted.

    The following reasons alone are not grounds for a meal plan adjustment or exemption:

    • Voluntary diets, such as a vegetarian or vegan diet
    • Saving money
    • Having more meals than are utilized
    • Having a room with a kitchen or kitchenette

    Students who have questions about housing or dining accommodations should contact the Office of Accessibility Services at (352) 588-8464 or

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