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How to Register with the Office of Accessibility Services (OAS)

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Starting the Registration Process

Welcome to the Office of Accessibility Services for Saint Leo University!

The Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) serves all Saint Leo University students, regardless of program modality (i.e. at the university campus, online or at the educational centers).  Registering with OAS is a separate process from the admissions procedure and requires separate documentation.  This page serves as a guide to help you navigate the process.

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What are some things you need to consider?

Start Early - It can take several business days to complete the review and intake process before you being receiving academic accommodations.  We advise you to begin the process as early as possible to avoid a delay in your services.  High school students are encouraged to plan ahead (especially if you are requesting housing accommodations). OAS staff are happy to speak (or correspond via email) with you if you have questions, concerns or just want general information. We can be reached via phone at (352) 588-8464 or via email at adaoffice@saintleo.edu.

Documentation of a Disability - In order to establish eligibility for accommodations, a student must provide current documentation of a disability that significantly impacts him/her in a major life function, such as learning, reading, seeing, hearing, walking, etc. In most cases the Individualized Education Plan (or evidence of accommodations at another institution) is not sufficient documentation; OAS may require current evidence or testing from a qualified diagnostician.

For more information, click here to download our complete guidelines for documentation. 

Stay Informed - For more information about what students  need to know about transitioning to college as a student with a disability, review the following information: Students with Disabilities Preparing for Post-secondary Education: Know your rights and Responsibilities. This page has a lot of information about transitioning to college as a student with a disability and we highly encourage you to read it. 


Students seeking accommodations are required to provide recent documentation from an appropriate health care provider or professional. If documentation is incomplete, or otherwise inadequate to determine the disability and/or reasonable accommodations, the Office of Accessibility Services may require additional documentation.

To be eligible for disability-related services, students must have a documented disability as defined by the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 504, and/or the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990/2008. A person with a disability is an individual with a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities (i.e. seeing, walking, talking); or has a record of such an impairment; or is regarded as having such an impairment.

This definition includes, but is not limited to:

  • Persons with mobility impairments
  • Persons with learning disabilities
  • Persons who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Persons who are blind or have low vision
  • Persons with one or many serious contagious and non-contagious diseases, including AIDS, epilepsy, cancer and tuberculosis
  • Persons with psychological disorders


An essential step in the eligibility process is to submit appropriate documentation of a disability to the Office of Accessibility Services (OAS). Saint Leo University must ensure that the student is a person with a disability and that we can provide a rationale for reasonable accommodations. The OAS staff will meet with you (in person or via phone) to discuss your disability and how it impacts you.


Documentation submitted to OAS is kept confidential.  Though your faculty members will know your approved accommodations, they will not know your diagnosis.  If you want your faculty members to know your confidential information, it would be your decision to disclose it. 

OAS Registration Process

In order to request accommodations from Saint Leo University, the student must complete the following steps in the Office of Accessibility Services registration process:

  • Submit an application via the Accessibility Information Management system (AIM). You can click here to begin the application. 
  • Provide appropriate documentation of the disability for which accommodations are being requested. The fastest way to submit documentation is to upload it during the process of submitting your online application. Documentation can also be emailed to our office at adaoffice@saintleo.edu, or faxed to (352) 588-8605.
  • If you are approved, we will discuss your unique circumstances and how your disability impacts you. Depending on the accommodations you are requesting, more documentation may be required. 
  • If you are approved, the OAS staff will request your accommodations on your behalf at the start of your first semester. Every subsequent semester, you will be responsible for logging in to the AIM portal and requesting your new Letters of Accommodation. You can find more details on our protocol for returning students here.

Until all steps of the registration process have been completed, the student will be considered pending with OAS and will not be eligible for services or accommodations. Incomplete applications will be kept for one term and then destroyed. The student may, however, begin the process again at any time. 





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