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Housing & Board Cost

Residence Hall Rates for 2018-2019

Building/RoomType Per Semester Charge
Upper-class Housing  
Apt. 1-2 Double Room with Kitchen $4,430.00
Apt. 1-2 Double Room with Kitchenette $3,660.00
Apt. 1-2 Hallway Double with Kitchenette  $3,210.00
Apt. 1-2 Single with Kitchenette $3,975.00
Apt. 1-4 Single with Kitchen $4,790.00
Buildings #5 & #6 Single $3,630.00
Buildings #5 & #6 Apt Double $3,380.00
Roderick Physical Single $3,495.00
East Campus Apartments $3,915.00
First-year Housing  
Alumni Double Room $3,210.00
Benoit/Henderson Double Room $2,910.00
Benoit/Henderson Physical Single $3,510.00
Benoit/Henderson Triple $2,910.00
Henderson Quad Room $2,910.00
Marmion Physical Single $3,510.00
Marmion/Snyder Double Room $2,910.00
Snyder Garden Level Triple $2,910.00
Snyder Garden Level Double $3,210.00

*Limited number available. Medical documentation through the Office of Disability Services may be necessary with request for room.

BOARD RATES for 2018-2019

Meal Plan Per Semester Charge
Unlimited Meal Plan $2,550.00
10 Meal Plan $1,700.00
5 Meal Plan $855.00
Commuter Meal Plan (block of 10 meals) $110.00

Please note: Students in Alumni, Roderick, Benoit, Henderson, Marmion, Snyder, and Apartments 5 and 6 are required to have the unlimited meal plan. Students in Apartments 1-4 are required to choose a 5, 10, or unlimited meal plan. East Campus Residents are able to choose a 5, 10, or unlimited meal plan, as well as no meal plan.

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