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Housing Forms & Important Dates

Hard copies of all the forms below are available in the Office of Residence Life. Not sure if you need a form or which form(s) you might need? Stop by and see us during office hours (Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.). The Office of Residence Life is located on the first floor of Apartment Six. Not able to visit the office? Give us a call at (352) 588-8268 or email us at

You can submit paperwork electronically by printing & completing the form(s), signing them, and then scanning & submitting them by email to; or by faxing them to (352) 588-8901.  You can also mail hard copies of the documents to: Office of Residence Life, P.O. Box 6665, MC2068, Saint Leo, FL 33574.

  • All University Campus students wishing to live on campus in the 2018-2019 academic year must complete & submit the Residence Hall Application/Agreement online at Students who are under the age of 18 at the time of application submission must also download, complete and submit a paper copy of the form, available at Residence Hall Housing Agreement (PDF)
  • Students wishing to move in to their residence hall room prior to the designated date and time for that semester need to complete the Early Arrival Housing Application Online at These applications can be made available by contacting the Office of Residence Life via email. 
  • Students may request room or roommate changes by submitting the following form: Room/Roommate Change Request Form.
  • Students requesting a change in their meal plan (must live in Apartments 1-4 or East Campus) may complete the Meal Plan Change Request Form.
  • If all residents in a room/apartment are 21 years of age (or older) they may apply for a "Wet Room" by submitting a "Wet Room Agreement" that can be picked up at the Office of Residence Life.
  • Students wishing to appeal a decision by their Conduct Meeting Officer must complete this form, Appeal Form (PDF), and submit to their Conduct Meeting Officer by the deadline listed in the outcome letter.
  • Students wishing to amend an interim action must complete this form, Interim Action Amendment Request Form, and submit to the Office of Residence Life.
  • Student wishing to appeal a remedial action must complete this form, Remedial Action Appeal Form, and submit to the Office of Residence Life by the deadline stated in the remedial action letter. 
  • University Campus Students wishing to live off-campus must complete and submit this form for approval (must meet at least one of the requirements): Request for Housing Termination

Important Dates for Spring 2020

New FTIC/Transfer Students Move-In & Orientation (for orientation activities) January 11 (Sat.)
Halls Open for Returning Students (8am)  January 12 (Sun.)
Floor Meetings (Topic: Welcome Back & Updates/Reminders) January 14-16 (Mon.-Thurs.)
Classes Begin January 14 (Tues.) 
Martin Luther King Jr./Community Service Day
RA Applications Live (on student employment website)
January 20 (Mon.)
Scheduled Fire Drills January 20-23 (Mon.-Thurs.)
RA Information Session #3 @ 7pm in Apartment 6 MMR January 21 (Tues.)
RA Information Session #4 @ 7pm in Apartment 6 MMR January 22 (Weds.)
RA Applications Close @ Noon (on student employment website) January 31 (Fri.)
RA Group Process Interviews (by invitation only) February 10-12 (Mon.-Wed.)
New RA Candidate Individual Interviews (by invitation only) February 18-21 (Tues.-Fri.)
Spring Health & Safety Inspections (all areas) February 18-21 (Tues.-Fri.)
RA Hire Decisions Announced March 2 (Mon.)
Registration for Summer and Fall 2019 March 4 (Mon.)
Daylight Savings Time March 8 (Sun.)
Spring Break (No classes; university open; halls open; meal plan off) March 9-13 (Mon.-Fri.)
 Saint Patrick's Day March 17 (Tues.)
Academic Excellence Day (modified class schedule) April 2 (Thurs.)
Last day to withdraw from classes without failure April 6 (Mon.)
Floor Meetings (Topic: End of the Year Hall Closing) April 6-10 (Mon.-Fri.)
Good Friday (no classes, university offices closed, halls open, limited dining) April 10 (Fri.)
Easter Sunday April 12 (Sun.)
Floor Meetings (Topic: End of the Year Hall Closing) April 6-9 (Mon.-Thurs.)
Final Exams April 23-24 & 27-28
(Thurs-Fri. & Mon.-Tues.)
Residence Halls Close for Non-Graduates (11am) April 29 (Wed.)
Residence Halls Close for Graduates (7pm) May 3 (Sunday)  - 11:00 am
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