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Bachelor's Degree in Music

Why Earn Your Bachelor of Arts in Music Degree at Saint Leo University?

The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree is a multi-dimensional music program flexible enough to be designed according to the student’s career aspirations. Instead of developing a traditional one-size-fits-all music program that is typical in many universities, this degree offers students practical training in various areas of the music industry including music production and technology; sound support for live performances; music education; worship music; and community music, which includes managing retail music stores, managing music venues and performers, directing community ensembles, and managing private music studios. Students will participate in internships to experience different aspects of the professional music world and will build an electronic portfolio or website as part of their capstone requirement for the degree. In addition to developing skills as a performing musician, students will explore other aspects of the industry such as arts management, music technology and sound support, teaching, leading music in worship and other community venues. This degree can also prepare students for graduate study in music therapy, performance, or conducting.  

The primary goal for the Bachelor of Arts in Music is to develop a practical and flexible degree that prepares students to be successful in a variety of career paths within the music industry.

The 120-credit hour Bachelor of Arts in Music program explores:

  • Musicianship - understanding how music is constructed. 
    Composition - creating new music.
    Music analysis - learning the historical context. 
    Music production - creating music with computers and sound technology.  
    Music performance - developing as a solo and ensemble performer. 
    Practical career skills - experiencing the real-world music industry through internships and coursework.

As a music major at Saint Leo University you will develop your musical skill through real-world experience at our on-campus performance venues as well as out in the community. Under the guidance of professors whose number one goal is your development as a musician, you will benefit from small class sizes and individual relationships with faculty. As you are honing your craft, you will study today’s ever-changing music industry. Our program can lead to a future in education, commercial music, sacred music, or community music. Saint Leo prepares musicians like you for fulfilling careers that require discipline, teamwork, and experience through a progressive curriculum and real-world internships that offer opportunities to both observe and participate in the professional music world.

Learning Experience:
Est. Time to Complete:
4 years
Credit Hours:
120 hours
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Bachelor of Arts in Music Program Details

The skills mastered in this program prepares students to grow their careers in music education, music ministry, commercial music producing and sound technology, and music management in non-profit sectors.

Degree Requirements

120 credit hours,  which includes room for a suggested minor and general electives. 


  • Placement audition with the music faculty

Program Options

Electives in the Music major fall into four categories: Commercial Music, Music Education, Music Ministry, and Community Music. Students are free to choose from each of the four paths in conjunction with their advisor to develop their chosen career path.

  • Commercial Music:
    • Introduction to the Music Industry,
    • Music Production I and II
  • Music Ministry:
    • Choral Conducting
    • Music in the Modern Church
    • Music Ministry Leadership
    • Practicum in Music Ministry I & II
  • Music Education:
    • Introduction to Music Education
    • Music in the Elementary School
    • Instrumental Techniques
    • Choral Conducting
  • Community Music:
    • Music in the Community

Each area offers special topics on a regular basis that highlight specific areas of interest such as music publishing, music and the pre-school child, accompanying, etc.

Career Outlook

Music graduates have many opportunities open to them within the music industry beyond the traditional occupations of secondary music teachers and performers such as concert venue management, music studio teaching, retail music stores, music video production and editing, sound technical support, etc. We recommend a minor in another discipline such as Marketing, Multi-Media, Education, Religion, or Medical Humanities, which when combined with required internships prepare students well for career placement after graduation.

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  • What skills you will learn?

    The Music Major provides a strong music core that builds solid musicianship through music theory, music history, applied instrumental or vocal instruction, and ensemble participation. 

How will you gain real experience?

Classroom learning is only part of the music degree program at Saint Leo University. We also know the value of hands-on experience.

Plus, our Career Services center is always available to help connect you with a variety of other experiential learning opportunities to fit your individual career goals.

What can you do with a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree?

Although Saint Leo has only offered a music minor until Fall 2023, some of our graduates have had active success in the music world. Michael Williams (2020) studied music production with Mauricio Rodriguez and played in our jazz ensemble for two years. He is currently working as a Producer/Engineer at Sound House Studios producing professional recordings for area artists including Taylor Swift and performs on the guitar with several local bands. Former Saint Leo music graduates Sandra Lau and Deborah Edwards both enjoyed careers as elementary music teachers and church musicians. Debra Sailer was a professional percussionist for the U.S. army band for twenty years and is a frequent guest percussionist for student ensemble concerts on campus. 

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