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Latest Communication Updates

Preparing for the holiday season during the pandemic

As the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays approach, we look forward to having the opportunity to give thanks for our community’s health and well-being and to having some time away from day-to-day life.

While we all hope to have a peaceful and healthy holiday season, the reality is that the COVID-19 pandemic will most likely continue to be a part of our lives during the holidays. As we look forward to the holidays, we are aware that what happens in the next few weeks has the potential to significantly impact holiday plans, including travel and the ability to attend family gatherings. In response, we wanted to outline the steps the university will take with regard to students who are in quarantine when our in-person classes transition online after November 20 and through the holiday season.

After consultation with the Department of Health, Saint Leo University is issuing the following guidance in an effort to inform and protect our university community and the greater public:

  • Anyone who has been asked to quarantine in relation to COVID-19 will be expected to fulfill the duration of their quarantine.
  • Individuals who are identified as COVID-19 positive or the close contact of a COVID-19 positive individual may not participate in bus, train, or air travel during the quarantine time period.
  • The university is required to report to the Department of Health the name, destination, and method of travel of any individuals who are COVID-19 positive and who choose to leave quarantine. The local Department of Health is required to notify its counterparts that an individual who is COVID-19 positive is arriving in their county. In addition, the Department of Health may notify relevant transit authorities. Please be aware that choosing to engage in any form of public transportation while COVID-19 positive may result in serious penalties (for example, placement on the TSA “no-fly” list).
  • University sponsored quarantine will remain open throughout the holidays. Students in Saint Leo quarantine locations will continue to receive support, including meal delivery.
  • During the Christmas break, it is the responsibility of the quarantined student to arrange for travel and accommodations as soon as the student is released from quarantine by Student Health. The Christmas break is not part of the housing and dining contract cost. However, due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions, students who need to stay on campus may do so for the entirety of the holiday at the rate of $400 for rent/utilities/internet/security and $300 for dining. (This does not apply to students completing a quarantine period).

We are aware that the upcoming Halloween weekend offers many opportunities for social gatherings. We would like to remind all members of our community that anyone who is exposed to COVID-19 over the coming weekend could end up quarantined for a period that includes the Thanksgiving holiday, based on the timing. Please make good choices to ensure both the safety of our community and your own.


Saint Leo University COVID-19 Incident Command Team

What to do if you think you are sick

If a campus student in residence is experiencing symptoms of illness and is concerned about possible COVID-19 infection (fever over 100.4, other symptoms of illness), they are asked to immediately self-isolate and contact the Health Center in DeChantal Hall at (352) 588-8347. After hours, they can contact University Safety at (352) 588-8432 for the on-call nurse. Online and education center students, are asked to immediately self-isolate and contact your county health department or health care provider and notify your center director or advisor of your illness. Staff and faculty should do the same and also contact their supervisor and human resources business partner.

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