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Coronavirus FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    What should we do if we see students not wearing masks?
    Calmly approach them and ask them politely to put on their masks. Remind them that they protect the whole community when they wear their masks. It will take some time for everyone to make this a habit. Students may not enter the classroom without a mask. Students must have masks on both inside and outside and must also maintain six feet of distance for optimum safety.

    Are students with asthma allowed to go without a mask?
    Going without a mask in class is not an allowable accommodation as it risks others’ lives. Students who believe they cannot wear a mask due to a disability should contact the Office of Accessibility Services for assistance to work through options.

    If a student has a fever or other symptoms of illness, what should they do?
    Students at all locations should not attend classes or interact with other students if they are feeling ill.

    University Campus students should remain in their residence hall room or personal residence and immediately contact our University Health Services. The Student Health Center is in DeChantal Hall and is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Students should call the Health Center instead of going to DeChantal so that staff can determine next steps. Please call (352) 588-8347. If after hours, students should call University Safety at (352) 588-8432 for the on-call nurse.

    Education Center students should stay at home, contact their individual health care providers, and notify their center director of their illness.

    What is contact tracing?
    Contact tracing is the process of identifying those individuals who have been exposed to COVID-19 and should be advised to quarantine or be tested themselves for the virus. It is process which follows a clear set of guidelines for determining risk. For Saint Leo University, contact tracing will be conducted by a certified contact tracer on campus and/or an individual from the department of health. If you are at risk as the contact of someone with COVID-19, you will be contacted regarding next steps.

    What happens if I have to be quarantined?
    We have designated space for University Campus residential students who need to quarantine/self-isolate due to COVID-19 infection or exposure. Your faculty will be notified so that you may attend all classes via Zoom (e.g., in the Connected format), as long as you are feeling well enough to attend class. Your meals will be delivered, as will any personal items you may need. Trash will be collected by staff. Staff from Student Health, Residence Life, Counseling, and others will check-in daily. Specific instructions will be provided, and staff will guide you throughout the process.

    For Education Center students your faculty will be notified so that you may attend all classes via Zoom from your home, as long as you are feeling well enough. Guidance will be provided on the criteria for when you may return to your center in person.

    How can students with disabilities request accommodations during COVID-19?
    An information sheet was compiled to help students with disabilities understand the accommodation guidelines during COVID-19. Please contact the Office of Accessibility at (352) 588-8464 or for additional information.


    Will this last all year long or will spring semester be different?
    There is no way to know yet. We are speaking with local department of health frequently to make the best possible decisions and monitoring the situation locally and statewide carefully.

    What safety protocols are in place for the classroom?
    Classes have a maximum number of 15 students in-person in class. Many will have fewer based on the size of the room. All students must have 6 feet of distance between them and wear masks at all times. Classrooms are equipped with hand sanitizer. Buildings on University Campus are cleaned frequently with a nightly disinfectant fogging (buildings will be closed in the evenings as a result of this deep cleaning approach).

    Can a student change from Hybrid Classroom to Connected Classroom or vice versa?
    Students will be required to petition through advisors for a change of attendance after the term begins.

    Can a student attending via the Hybrid method choose to change which days they attend or attend only on Zoom?
    No. Students must attend on the dates assigned. Failure to do so will be marked as an absence.

    Will education center students have the option to attend via Connected classroom?
    Yes. This option is available to all students enrolled in on-ground courses university-wide.

    Will the Hybrid and Connected attendance options be made available permanently?
    There is no intention to do so at this time. These formats are in response to the current pandemic.

    Who decides if we are in A or B and how will that work?
    Everyone attends their first class meeting on Zoom. During that class meeting, the faculty member will help students know when they will attend in person and when they will attend via Zoom.

    Why are some of my classes meeting only in the Connected classroom?
    The University reserves the right to deliver certain sections or courses via the Connected Classroom only based on University needs, for example facility limitations, accommodations for faculty members who are also in a vulnerable population, or other concerns.

    What happens if my professor gets sick?
    Faculty who are quarantined may continue to teach via the Connected classroom if they are able to do so. If not, an appropriate substitute will be provided.

    How will tests and finals work?
    After Thanksgiving Break, all classes and exams will be fully online. At University Campus, the residence halls, dining, and other services will remain open and available to help students.


    Does tuition change depending on how a student attends classes?
    No. Students who attend via the Hybrid or Connected options will pay the same tuition and fees.

    Does the Connected option affect VA benefits?
    No. For the Fall semester, veteran benefits and basic allowance for housing (BAH) will not be negatively impacted due to special COVID-19 guidance from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.


    What will there be to do on campus?
    There will be a large variety of opportunities to engage with one another. Make sure to review the daily Student Activities e-newsletter that highlights events, activities, resources, and more. In addition, virtual Career Services workshops and employer events are happening every day through Handshake. International students may access a wide variety of activities, resources and positions through Interstride. Student Activities, Student Government, and Campus Activities Board are providing many virtual options as well as some in person activities such as live music at Benedict’s Coffeehouse patio and some grab and go art/activity/relaxation bags to share with others. Residence Life is providing additional programming in the residence halls. There is a lot to do!

    What safety protocols are in place for the dining hall?
    Dining Services will be providing a number of options organized with safety protocols in place:

    • Dining Hall/SCC downstairs: full variety buffet. Staff will serve you in take-out containers. There will be limited seating indoors with lots of outside seating. Temperature checks and masks will be required before entering.
    • Dining Hall/SCC upstairs: grab ‘n go options using the meal plan out of the catering window beside the automatic doors. This gives students on the meal plan a quick option with prepackaged sandwiches/salads.
    • Fuz (previously Lion’s Lair: new Asian/Mexican fusion eatery): fresh or grab ‘n go items. Bonus Bucks accepted.
    • Benedict’s Coffeehouse: greatly expanded food options with full Starbucks drink menu. Bonus Bucks accepted. Limited indoor seating with lots of outside seating.
    • Saint Leo Food Truck: coming this fall!

    What happens if I can’t go home for Christmas break?
    As long as you are an enrolled student, you will be eligible to remain in our residence halls. We will remain open throughout the holidays.

    Will the Lion’s Express shuttle and Safe Ride be running this Fall?
    Yes. Lion’s Express will be available by appointment only through University Safety. Safe Ride will be running from Marmion/Snyder to the Lion Statue and at the library at closing time.

    Will the gym and pool be open?
    Athletics and Recreation plans to open the gym, pool, and host some intramurals. More information will be released in the coming weeks.

    When will athletic competitions start again?
    The Sunshine State Conference recently announced the postponement of all scheduled competitions in the fall sports season. The conference may allow competition for the fall sports in the Spring 2021 Semester. During the postponement of competition, student-athletes will have the opportunity for conditioning, strength training, and other practice opportunities in all sports during the Fall 2020 Semester, provided health and safety conditions allow these activities.

    Can student organizations meet in person?
    Student organizations are asked to meet virtually at the current time to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

    If a student moves out mid-semester, will they be able to receive a prorated refund for housing and dining fees?
    No. Refunds will not be provided.

    What happens to a student who hosts or attends an off campus party or event where people aren’t being safe?
    In response to COVID-19, Saint Leo University is requiring students to abide by University safety requirements both on campus and off. That means that hosting or attending an off-campus party of more than 10 people or any event where face coverings and social distancing are not used (family events excluded) may result in Student Code of Conduct charges with possible sanctions up to and including suspension without refund. This requirement is essential to Protect The Pride.