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Upper-Class Housing

    Apartments 1, 2, 3, 4

    apartment 4Located on the north side of campus near Lake Jovita are Apartments 1, 2, 3, and 4. All four apartment buildings are home to upper-class students, though Apartments 1 and 2 are predominantly juniors and sophomores (with 190 residents) and Apartments 3 and 4 are predominantly seniors and juniors (with 320 residents). All rooms in Apartments 3 and 4 are single rooms that share a full kitchen, while Apartments 1 and 2 contain single or double rooms with full or efficiency kitchen options. Residents of these apartments have the choice of the 5, 10, or unlimited meal plan. The apartments have fifteen Resident Assistants (one RA per floor). Resident Assistants sit each night in the lobbies of each building. Apartments 3 and 4 have elevators and ground level entrances on two floors (as they are built into a hill). Professional staff live on the first floor of each of the four Apartment buildings. 

    Apartment 1

    Apartment 1 Floor Plan Double with Kitchen  |  Double with Kitchenette  |  Single with Kitchen  |  Single with Kitchenette  |  Hallway Double

    Apartment 2

    Apartment 2 Floor Plan   |  Double w/ Kitchen  |  Double with Kitchenette  |  Single with Kitchen  |  Single with Kitchenette  |  Hallway Double

    Apartment 3

    Apartment 3 Floor Plan  |  Double w/ Kitchen  |  Double with Kitchenette  |  Single with Kitchen  |  Single with Kitchenette  | Hallway Double

    Apartment 4

    Apartment 4 Floor Plan  |  Double w/ Kitchen  |  Double with Kitchenette  |  Single with Kitchen  |  Single with Kitchenette  |  Hallway Double

    Apartments 5 & 6

    Fishtank1Apartments 5 and 6 are our newest residence halls. Apartment 5 opened in August 2012 and Apartment 6 opened in August 2013. Apartments 5 and 6 are both four story buildings providing suite-style living for approximately 150 male and female students (per building) in separate suites. These apartments are open to all upper-class students. Most suites contain four single bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and a common living area complete with furniture, a built-in flat screen television, and full size refrigerator. Each suite contains a common access storage closet located off the living room for bike and other storage. Each building has laundry facilities on the second floor and elevator access. All residents in Apartments 5 and 6 are on the unlimited meal plan. There are four Resident Assistants per building (one on each floor). RA's can be found each evening in the common area on the first floor.

    Apartment 5 features campus community space in the form of a large lounge area that includes gaming televisions/play area, a fitness center, arcade gaming area, large saltwater aquarium, and state of the art energy pods in our Relaxation Room.

    Apartment 5

    View Apartment 5 floor plan, View Apartment 5 Rooms,  View Game Room 1, 2, 3    View Fitness Room     View EnergyPod Room 1, 2     View Community Area 1, 2.

    Apartment 6

    View Apartment 6 Floor Plan, view apartment 6 room.

    Student Requiring Accommodations

    Housing accommodation requests by students with documented disabilities must be approved through Accessibility Services

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