The Civil War and the civil rights movement of the 1960s were two key eras in American history in terms of advancing race relations. However, many would argue that the country remains far from an ideal society in which all races can coexist and live harmoniously.

In this episode of the Saint Leo 360 podcast, we showcase Episode 2 of the “As a Matter of Fact” podcast series. Hosted by Dr. Lisa Rapp-McCall, a professor of social work at Saint Leo University, the series features conversations with Saint Leo faculty members who have conducted unique research in their careers.

This episode highlights a conversation with Dr. Ebony Perez, an assistant professor of social work and chair of the undergraduate social work degree program at Saint Leo University. This particular episode was recorded in December of 2022. During the interview, Perez discussed:

  • Her childhood and personal background dealing with race relations
  • What race actually is and the differences between people and cultures
  • The power of the word “race” and whether it should still be used in the English lexicon
  • Why some people struggle relating to and interacting with others
  • How race relations have evolved over time
  • How race plays into relationships, including friendships, families, and romance
  • How she views the future of race relations and specific steps people can take to become more open minded and embracing of diversity

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