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    The Saint Leo Honors Program serves our most academically talented students who desire to make the most of their undergraduate experience. In a challenging, yet supportive environment, Honors students develop the skills necessary to become leaders both inside and outside the classroom. With an emphasis on the most urgent questions of 21st-century global citizenship, Honors students learn how to think critically, how to dialogue with multiple perspectives, and how to communicate clearly and effectively.

    We recognize that exceptional students want more from their education. The heart of Honors is our customized curriculum that fully replaces all general education requirements for graduation. In Honors, students will engage with the ideas that shape our world and apply this knowledge to everyday life. All Honors courses feature experiential learning experiences that enable students to put their learning into practice. These experiences reveal that education is not a selfish pursuit, but rather preparation for a life of service to others. All Honors students complete a Senior Honors Project in which they work 1:1 with a faculty mentor to make a meaningful intellectual contribution to the Saint Leo community.

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    Is Honors Right for Me?

    The Honors Scholars Program represents the top 10% of campus students and provides a challenging, yet supportive environment for our most talented students. Honors students are widely recognized as campus leaders both inside and outside the classroom. Based on their success in Honors, our graduates routinely attend top medical, law, and graduate programs, along with job placement in a wide variety of careers.

    The heart of the Honors program is a customized curriculum focused on global citizenship that fully replaces the general education requirements for graduation. Students in the Honors Scholars Program at University Campus beginning in Fall 2022 will enjoy all of the following benefits:

    • Additional $2,000 scholarship for the first year, with increased scholarship opportunities in the second year
    • A University-sponsored Honors Experience Trip led by Honors faculty in the third year
    • A free year of tuition toward a Master’s degree at Saint Leo University
    • A special degree and diploma from the University that highlights Honors (B.A. Honors or B.S. Honors)
    • The completion of general education courses in 6 fewer credits than non-Honors peers, making it easier for students to complete a 3+1 program, add a double major/minor, or take elective credits outside of their major
    • Upgraded housing for first-year students in the highly desirable Honors Village, including Alumni Hall and Roderick Hall as suite-style housing with semi-private bathrooms and common living space
    • Exceptionally small class sizes, with Honors courses having 15 students or fewer in the classroom
    • Exclusive first and senior year 1:1 research experiences with faculty, as well as private events for Honors Scholars and their parents and family members


    - Minimum unweighted 3.5 high school GPA

    - Be admitted to University Campus beginning in the Fall 2022 Semester

    - Complete and be accepted to the Honors Scholars Program by completing the supplemental application

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    3+1 Accelerated Degree Programs

    Students who are eligible for the Saint Leo University Honors Program are also eligible for admission to our new 3+1 Accelerated Degree Programs.

    Available programs include:

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    3+3 Accelerated Law Program

    The 3+3 accelerated law program is an intense yet rewarding and high-value opportunity for qualified and highly motivated students to earn two degrees in just six years - a bachelor's degree, followed by a Juris Doctor degree.

    Available programs include:

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