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Bookstores & Merchandise

    Saint Leo University is pleased to partner with Barnes & Noble College to offer an easy-to-use and convenient process for ordering course materials. The Course Materials Connection program helps to reduce the cost of materials and ensure students have everything they need for all courses, prior to the first day of class.

    With this new program, all required course materials will be included as a course charge and conveniently prepared for students before the first day of class. All course materials will be available for one flat fee of $26 per credit hour. Scholarships for textbooks or other funding allocated toward course materials will be applied directly to this fee.

    How it works

    Saint Leo’s Course Materials Connection makes it easy to order your materials. Here’s how it works:

    • One month before classes start, you will receive an email instructing you to review your courses and choose how to receive your materials. If you choose, you can also opt out of the Course Materials Connection program. (You still have the ability to order your materials from the bookstore if you opt out.)
    • The bookstore will prepare your course materials in a convenient package.
    • Depending on your selection, you will receive an email notification when your order is ready for pickup at the bookstore or when it ships.
    • Your digital materials will automatically be delivered within your courses in Lions Share.
    • When your courses are over, the bookstore will send you helpful reminder emails to return your printed rental course materials.

    Course Materials Connections Forms

    Students are automatically enrolled in the Course Materials Connection program unless they opt out using an opt-out form. An opt-in form is also available to re-join the program.

    Opt-Out Form
    Opt-In Form

    Online Bookstore

    The online bookstore is available at

    University Campus Bookstore Hours

    Monday – Thursday: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
    Friday: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
    Saturday and Sunday: Closed

    More Information

    Saint Leo University online or education center students should contact their enrollment counselor or student advisor. For University Campus students, contact your academic college’s textbook and resource coordinator or the university’s senior content manager.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The program provides all required textbooks, lab manuals, access codes, and digital textbooks.

    The program does not include consumables that cannot be returned and reused such as lab goggles, dissection kits, and molecular model kits.

    All students will be automatically enrolled in the Course Materials Connection program with the exception of Veteran Readiness & Employment students, who will automatically be opted out due to their program’s requirements.

    You will be able to see the course material charge reflected in your student account in eLion immediately following the end of the add/drop period. 

    Yes. In order to keep course materials economical, the university has calculated an average flat rate fee for all course materials. In some cases, the costs of your materials may be more than the flat fee, and for other courses, it may be less. In the end, the flat rate fee will help to keep the overall cost of your materials balanced and affordable.

    To opt out of the program, you will need to submit an opt-out form. If you are an online or education center student, your form will be processed by a professional advisor. For University Campus students, your form will be processed by your academic college’s textbook and resource coordinator or the university’s senior content manager.

    If you have scholarships for textbooks and course materials, they will automatically be applied to your student account. Veteran Readiness & Employment students also will have funding for materials applied directly to their student accounts; however, other veteran and military students will receive the funding for course materials directly from the Veterans Administration.

    Yes. All materials will be rented unless they are a one-time use item.

    Students who have opted out will need to go to the bookstore ordering site and purchase materials from the appropriate opt out term list at

    The deadline to return all rental textbooks is the last day of finals. You will receive an email reminder about the rental deadline.

    Yes, the program provides you with the option to purchase textbooks at a reduced rate during the return period.

    Yes, you will still be required to return continuation course textbooks. You will be issued the same title for the next semester of the continuation course.

    You will receive emails from the bookstore to remind you to verify your order every other day until complete. If you do not opt-out, your materials will be held at the bookstore and your student account will be charged.

    Yes. If you do not opt-out, your materials will be held at the bookstore and your student account will be charged. This does not apply to students who requested the materials ship to a home address.

    You may return the book to the bookstore on the same terms and timelines currently in place. If you drop a class and enroll in a different class, the bookstore will “swap” the required textbooks/codes so that you have what you need.

    Yes, you will have 48 hours to return your textbooks to campus bookstore, either in-person or by mail. If you do not return the textbooks, the charges for the bundle will go back onto your student account.

    Rental return instructions are emailed to students prior to the rental return due date. Customers receive a sequence of email reminders as well as the opportunity to purchase their rental and keep it. Students do pay for return shipping on a rental, unless they decide to keep it and pay the upcharge. They can obtain a return shipping label from the bookstore website, to return the rented books for $5.

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