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Student Rights & Responsibilities

    Policy: Students have both rights and responsibilities when receiving care at the Student Health Center. This policy is designed to ensure that both the provider and students are aware of these rights.

    Students Have the Right:

    • To be treated with dignity and respect
    • To privacy
    • To confidentiality of records
    • To review medical records with the Coordinator
    • To be seen within a reasonable amount of time, giving consideration to emergencies and critical illness
    • To receive accurate information about diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis in terms the student can understand
    • To know the effectiveness and possible side effects of prescribed medication and/or treatment
    • To know the names and positions of health care providers
    • To participate in decisions about care, and to give informed consent before any procedure is performed
    • To receive education and counseling
    • To consent to, or refuse, any care or treatment
    • To receive appropriate referrals to providers and service

    Students Have the Responsibility:

    • To seek medical attention promptly
    • To be honest about their medical history
    • To ask about anything they do not understand
    • To respect clinic personnel and policies
    • To follow heath advice and medical instructions
    • To report any significant changes in symptoms or failure to improve
    • To provide useful feedback about services and policies

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