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How to File or Report a Title IX Complaint

    In an emergency, potential victim(s) of this policy are encouraged to seek assistance from the Title IX Office, campus authorities (Campus Security and Safety Officers or Residence Life staff), Residence Life, or local law enforcement. Additionally, Counseling Services, Campus Ministry and the Saint Leo Health Center offer a confidential environment for potential victim(s) to seek assistance. As a precaution to protect the accuser, or accused, upon notification to campus authorities, the University will issue a No-Contact Order between the individuals/parties involved. Following the outcome of the disciplinary proceedings with the University, in accordance with FERPA guidelines, notification of the hearing’s results will be sent to both the accused and accuser via their Saint Leo University email account. In cases dealing with sexual misconduct, both the accused and the accuser have the right to appeal the outcome and findings of the University conduct hearing by following the appeal process as listed in Article V. Judicial Policies, Section D. Appeals.

    Non-Confidential On-Campus Resources:

    • Title IX Coordinators:
      • Vanessa O’Connell: 352-588-8406
    • Campus Security & Safety: 352-588-8439
    • Residence Life: 352-588-8268
    • For Department of Intercollegiate Athletics Gender Equity concerns:

      If you have a complaint about gender equity in the University’s athletics programs:
      Barbara Wilson
      Senior Woman Administrator (SWA)/Assistant Athletic Director - Sports Medicine
      (352) 588-8222

    Confidential On-Campus Resources:

    • Health & Wellness Center: 352-588-8347
    • Campus Ministry: 352-588-8331
    • Counseling Services: 352-588-8199


    Click here for state-specific resource list

    Any individual may report an alleged violation of the Student Code of Conduct, and the appropriate office will conduct a follow-up investigation. Community members are encouraged to use the Community Report Form.

    Please Note: Anonymous reporting of incidents is allowed but discouraged, because it limits the ability of the appropriate office to gather further information and adequately address the issue. Every effort, however, will be made to protect confidentiality, where possible and allowed by law, particularly where a safety concern exists.

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